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  1. brandonbrown

    Knee Pain

    Personally I'm taking 1500mg Glucosamine and 1200mg Chontritin and some amount of MSM. Whatever arthritis I have/had is the type that hurts when performing physical activity!
  2. brandonbrown

    Weight Lifting & Cycling??

    IMOHO I think weight training DOES affect cycling ability in a positive way. I am not a professional cyclist, etc, but I came from other sports where weights were used effectively in enhancing performance. I think the discussion needs to be the type of lifting, however. If you do 3x8...
  3. brandonbrown

    Knee Pain

    Sing on Brother(s)! I've torn both ACLs in doing other impact sports and my doctor recommended cycling to me. I had one knee's ACL fixed and after all of the problems I've had with it I decided not to do the other (right) knee. I have had some pains behind the patella as others have mentioned...