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  1. andy_welch

    Mixing Campag 10 speed and Shimano 8 speed?

    Not actually tried this myself but I can confirm that the CTC article said the cable pull for a campag 10 speed ergo was the same as a shimano 8 speed. I've also got a Shimano 8 speed setup on one of my bikes and have a set of 10 speed Chorus ergos sitting in the shed. Just need to find the...
  2. andy_welch

    Myra's update

    Hi Myra, Good to hear from you and glad to hear that you have the wee one converted to life sans motor. Five months already. Doesn't time fly? Our sproglet is now approaching 11 months and I must say that the last 6 have been much more fun than the first five. Smiles, crawling, getting into...
  3. andy_welch

    shimano vs campagnolo

    It's not really possible to compare. They both do the job well but are different. Campag groupsets go Xenon, Mirage, Veloce, Centaur, Chorus and Record. That's six. Shimano go Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra and Dura Ace. Campag fans claim that Xenon is equivalent to Sora, making Chorus equivalet to...
  4. andy_welch

    cycling plus magazine

    Yes still going strong. Check out You should be able to get it in most of the larger newsagents (WH Smith etc) ut not so many of the smaller ones. Cheers, Andy
  5. andy_welch

    Road Vs Mountain Bike

    I've gor a little Barbieri C02 inflater which can also be used a regular pump (£15 from Mikedyason). It's tiny so it fits in my seat pack. OK if I do get more than one puncture it will take a while to inflate the tyre but at least I wont be totally stuck. And of course you could just carry more...
  6. andy_welch

    Day 5 - they think its all over - it is now (a new commuters journal)

    Well done. Going from nothing to six miles is the hardest part. But your journey is far from over :) Just don't overdo it too soon. By all means cycle home but if you try to increase the intensity too quickly you may find that it soon becomes a chore and you loose interest. Build up slowly and...
  7. andy_welch


    I wouldn't get too hung up about punctures unless there is something specific about your route that makes them more likely. I've had one in the last 3000 miles of road riding and that seems to be pretty average. Of course now I've said that I'll get a slew of them :) For the record I'm using...
  8. andy_welch

    TDF Stage 6

    Just heard the lassie on Eurosport say that they gave Pettachi a heart rate monitor today but that it seems to be picking up other peoples heartrate and they think he might have left it in the car! Now 63bpm while driving I can imagine but 63bpm while riding at 47 km/h can't be possible. Can it...
  9. andy_welch

    ITV competition ...

    Too right. Do you think we could do them under the trades descriptions act :) I was almost tempted to ring the number when I first saw the piece (much as I hate "competitions" that are just profit making schemes), but a small dark voice at the back of my head kept telling me that a Trek 1000 is...
  10. andy_welch

    Food and energy levels

    Can't say I know much about nutrition, but I'm sure I read an article recently that said low iron levels can make you feel tired and that exercise lowers iron levels. Just a thought. Andy
  11. andy_welch

    Just zis Guy's kewl

    I remember reading a very well thought out analysis of the recumbent marketplace a year or so back. Sorry, can't find it now or recall the author. But the gist of the thesis was that for recumbents to become mainstream what was needed was for somebody to produce one that captured the...
  12. andy_welch

    I'm being seduced and I need your help

    Recumbents are great fun and much more comfortable than uprights. Whether or not they are faster depends on a lot of things, including terrain. I've ridden a StreetMachine and a Windcheetah neither of which were faster than my 28lb upright steel tourer over the hills of Aberdeenshire. On the...
  13. andy_welch

    Sora & Bar bag

    They do indeed and if you have 8 speed Sora you can just swap them for a modern 10 speed ergo shifter and you are done. No need to change anything else since modern 10 speed campag ergos pull the same amount of cable per click as the old shimano 8 speed. Of course you have two redundant clicks...
  14. andy_welch

    Saddle advice for long rides

    Saddles are very personal things. If they fit your behind then great. If not then pain is a certainty. I've got on OK with a Selle Italie Max Flite Trans Am but when I tried the regular (i.e. narrower non-max) variety it killed me after an hour or so. Of course a leather saddle (e.g. Brooks)...
  15. andy_welch

    altitude recalibration on polar watch

    I would have thought this is pretty normal. With the HAC4 you define a home altitude so every time you press the bottons to start a session it sets the altitude to that. Obviously you have to change this if you are not starting your ride from home or just fix it in the downloaded file)...
  16. andy_welch

    Need Reviews on Ciclosport HAC4

    Seem to have messed something up with my first attempt to reply and the second one crapped out when the attached file was too large. So I'll keep this brief. You certainly can get grapys of totals (distance, time and ascent) as well as average speed for each minth. Just use the database facility...
  17. andy_welch

    Trouble Commuting.

    Ah silly me. Comparing apples and oranges again. So 650W of work done by me only puts 160W through the wheels (as Arthur puts it). Not exactly an efficient cycling machine am I? Cheers, Andy
  18. andy_welch

    Trouble Commuting.

    Is that right? 650W sounds awfully high for trundling along the flat at 16mph. Isn't that more "Lance going up a mountain" power? Cheers, Andy
  19. andy_welch

    Bottom Bracket Blues...

    What kind of a shop just hands a job back because it's a bit difficult? What is the world coming to. Does nobody relish a challenge any more. They've got a shop with all the kit and they just hand the job back to you. Jeez! For a start you can tell us who these numpties are and vow never to...