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  1. deroyo

    where is everybody?

    Oh sorry,I was in da corner over there------------------------------->... It was a good ride and I was pooped!!! :P ;)
  2. deroyo

    Biking Paradise

    Now it's proclaimed a Heritage Site I suppose the roads will soon get tarred and messed up for US mountain bikers! What do you mean by that??? US mountain bikers don't ride the TRAILS around there???? ??? Or do you mean that you are the US MB and the fact that the road will get tarred,that...
  3. deroyo

    Online chat

    It would be great to have...But will there be off schedule schedules,for some of us who are sleeping while you guys are on,or on while you are sleeping... :D ::) I know...I'm just on the wrong side of the planet...DOH! 8) You my vote for it! :)
  4. deroyo

    Resolutions for 2002!

    Mine is to NEVER make any...I always break them!!! :o ::) I hope that you can keep your's! 8)
  5. deroyo


    Yes,spinning!!!Hmmm,I guess I should register for my classes in march,I usualy do this for a month/month and a half before the season starts... I don't want to waste PRECIOUS riding time getting my "BUTT" in shape for da saddle and my legs also!!! Nothing like going for the first ride of the...
  6. deroyo

    New Member Award

    Had I kept my mouth shut and read the next thread,I would have known the answer...DOH!!! ::) Ooops!!! Thanks Admin. 8)
  7. deroyo

    Any other MTB advocates?

    If anybody wants to know more about trail maintenance the place (site) to go is www.imba.comtheir site is full of imformation. For you Aussies(hmmmm,is that spelled right?) they (IMBA) will have a crew in Australia in Feb 2002 they...
  8. deroyo

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Hmmmmm,let me see...Most of the time,the stars do their things and you are busy doing your stuff,but occasionaly they will come out of their stardom bubble to say HI,the time I worked on the Rolling Stones show(Steel Wheel tour,Montreal & Toronto/Canada) it took us a whole week to set the stage...
  9. deroyo

    New Member Award

    Just being the curious monkey that I am...Who won and why? Just curious!!! :D
  10. deroyo

    Yippee my Bike's been fixed.

    Hey Lazarus,that's too bad that your bike is not glowing :( the 2000 had Velraptors as tires andafter two rides I changed them ,I did not like the way the mud just clumped and stayed on them,so I got myself some Panaracers(Fire XC Pro/back and Panaracer Smoke/front) I'm very happy with those and...
  11. deroyo

    What Front Forks ?

    Aw C'mon!!! You think we would not see you??? When Nobody is in da room,we know he's here. ::) I think I might have found a face for ya!!! :P :D What was dat about the Cannucks...I know,it's all good!!! I agree with Nobody(I still have problems with dat)with him,dat guy dere,Love your nick (just...
  12. deroyo

    Yippee my Bike's been fixed.

    That's about the only good thing about them,skinny,thinn, they are gone!!! No the bike itself is better,I can only talk about my Blast(I don't know if the 2001 glows like my 2000) All around the letters like KONA, BLAST, and all the decal there is a thin line of glow in the dark paint... So you...
  13. deroyo

    Any other MTB advocates?

    We build the trail from scratch,then we keep it in good shape during the season,build water bars,fill in holes created by erosion... Then when the fall comes around we cover it with leaves so that it does not get damage over the course of the winter... Snow and stufff... Then in the spring we...
  14. deroyo

    Yippee my Bike's been fixed.

    Up to now I have changed three sets of grips and so far I have not used anything.I have been using an air compressor to ease the job of putting them on. I know what you mean about the "Glow in the dark bit",nobody had told me that also,I store my bike in the basement,so one night after a ride I...
  15. deroyo

    You should always chew your pretzel (jk)

    Like a croocked politician,this game is fix!!! Did you ever get the pretxel??? ::)
  16. deroyo

    Mountain bikes

    Yup... KONA...They have good entry level bike,good frames that you can build on... I have the Blast 2000 and I really like it,you can ask Lazarus about his Blast 2001 how happy he is...?
  17. deroyo

    Wow a cool Forum thats actually alive

    Words to my ears!!!He,he... I use those words all the time at work,I'm a sound guy!! but we never go past two...'cos you lift on three!!! ;D[/siz] ::)
  18. deroyo

    Yippee my Bike's been fixed.

    This is mine... just a year older,pretty much the same bike!Ok some modifications for the best!!! 8) Word of advise: if you have the Kona handle bar gripps(the one that glows in the dark,still).Be aware!!!The rubber ring at the inside of the grip can get...
  19. deroyo

    Yippee my Bike's been fixed.

    :-X :-X :-X ... :
  20. deroyo

    Yippee my Bike's been fixed.

    ::) :oYeah we've ALLLLLL heard of dat guy. Mr. Wonderfull! ;D ;D ;D...