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  1. Billcycle

    Does your fork have lockout?

    Yes, '09 Tassajara, w/ RockShox Tora.
  2. Billcycle

    Trek 1.1 vs Giant OCR 3 vs Trek 370

    Only one of the three I'm personally familiar with is the Trek 1.1--shopped this bike, the 1.5 and the 2's before buying my road bike. Very nice bike IMO, but it doesn't seem to me like you're getting that good of a deal on the bike if it's been in service as a rental--suggested retail brand...
  3. Billcycle

    Brand-spanking new Roadie. What am I in for?

    Congrats on the new bikes! Did you both get the same kind of bike? I had the exact same reaction to my new road bike after riding my hybrid for a year--"whoa, slow down there pardner!!" :D. And yeah, everything seemed more sensitive--steering, breaking, shifting, the whole show. You will...
  4. Billcycle

    Advice for a Solid Bike

    Welcome Braden. In short, you're right, there are a lot of quality bicycles to choose from for well under $1K. Having said that, probably the most consistently offered advice for someone just starting out is to make sure the bike they pick (regardless of price) fits. A local shop is...
  5. Billcycle

    My first road bike :)

    Way cool, very nice score--congrats!!
  6. Billcycle

    Brand-spanking new Roadie. What am I in for?

    You might be pleasantly surprised by the stock saddle on your new bike--especially if you're already, "toughened" from the horse back riding.:D Give the new one a few rides to see how it feels--remember most new saddles will feel hard or stiff, but they do break in somewhat after a bit. If the...
  7. Billcycle


    I use Weight Watchers, and have dropped about 35 lbs since the holidays. For me, I like being able to shop for and eat "regular" food--no special prepared meals, etc.. I just use the internet system, I don't bother with meetings and all the social stuff--I understand that's useful to many...
  8. Billcycle

    5 Bikes, which one?

    Yep, pretty much what Ranilus said. The two most important things, IMO, are for the bike to fit you properly, and for the bike to "make" you want to ride--fitting will help with the latter, but those intangibles that make us like one make over another can only be defined by you. Since you...
  9. Billcycle

    Brand-spanking new Roadie. What am I in for?

    Well congrats on jumping right in! :) Very nice bike BTW... I bought my first road bike a month or so back, after starting back into cycling last year with a hybrid. The hybrid had regular platform pedals at the time, so I pretty much just had to get used to riding, shifting, etc.. When I...
  10. Billcycle

    New to the sport, and need help?

    Welcome to the forum and cycling! A lot of us are just starting or restarting out, so you're in good company. One of the most consistent pieces of advice you're going to find as you get into the sport is that how the bike fits you is really the most important thing--an ill-fitting bike can...
  11. Billcycle

    Found a bike, need advice

    Big plus-one on those bikes as great examples of what you can buy new within your range--in fact, we just bought my wife the WSD (Trek's women's line) of the 1.5--a very nice bike. Also great advice on asking about '09 leftovers. In a lot of cases the only thing that changes from year to year...
  12. Billcycle

    Internet bike buying experience

    Thanks Neil, kinda what I was hoping the situation might be. Not ready to try it myself yet, but it may be a player for me down the road, especially if we wind up living off the beaten path somewhat.
  13. Billcycle

    Found a bike, need advice

    FWIW, IMHO you can buy *a lot* of bike for $850 in today's market, buying new. And you'd be buying a good fitting and support from the shop--something to consider. Actually I'd think you can find something really nice for a couple hundred less. That 34" standover height on the CL Schwinn...
  14. Billcycle

    Motobecane Tri Bike Question

    Well, in the interests of full disclosure, I've never considered doing a Tri...I'm thinking if I have to go that far, I'm checking train schedules :D:D. But when I got fit for my road bike I was somewhat between sizes--I'm 5/10.5, a 31" standing inseam. Most of the conventional wisdom was...
  15. Billcycle

    Motobecane Tri Bike Question

    No personal experience, but here are some reviews that might be helpful to you. And some others here. The BD deal seems like a better option to me, unless you already have your own components, wheels, etc..
  16. Billcycle

    Best Big Boy Bike?

    Second the advice above. I'm a Trek fan, but there are other makers who will have similar offerings at similar price points if you're interested in another make, or the shop you're dealing with carries different brands. When I started back last year, I bought a Trek 7.3FX--it was the perfect...
  17. Billcycle

    Internet bike buying experience

    Honestly curious, and I don't want to cause any turmoil, but for those of you who have purchased bikes on line (particularly new bikes), what has been the reaction or treatment experience you've found when you go to an LBS for help? I'd like to think they'd welcome the opportunity to make some...
  18. Billcycle

    Want to buy a bike, don't know what to get

    Yep, agree, buy used and don't buy too flashy--parking on campus would be an invite to getting your ride ripped off. Tons of bikes on the used market that should fit your bill.
  19. Billcycle

    Which clipless pedals and shoes for road and off road riding?

    Another vote for the SPDs. There are a number of affordable, good quality shoes and pedals in this range. On my first road bike, I was nervous about doing clipless, so I compromized and picked up a set of Shimano 424s--SPD pedals with a rubber surround so they can ride like a traditional...
  20. Billcycle

    How Well Does Your Road Bike Fit?

    I probably drove my LBS guy nuts on this fitting thing, LOL... When I bought my first bike, a fitness/hybrid, we pretty much just dealt with leg extension and reach. When I decided to go road (pun intended), I got really anal about all the fitting stuff. Researched every site I could find on...