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  1. meowcatz

    Shaved or unshaved?

    At what point is it OK to shave your legs? I have only done 5 races, and at each one everyone has their legs shaved. I see it as sort of a "rite of passage." So, when do you earn the right to shave your legs?
  2. meowcatz

    Chain Lube?

    Decided to go with the T9 Boeshield after the mechanic at my LBS recommended it. Will put it on tomorrow after giving everything a thorough cleaning. I should be good as long as I don't light a match next to it (the bottle says its highly flammable) :D Thanks for your help!
  3. meowcatz

    Energy Gels

    Is there a noticable difference when using things like Powerbar gels or Hammer gel? Right now I just eat a granola bar or fruit leather on rides, but I am wondering if it is worth it to try these energy gels. The effectiveness obviously depends on the individual; I am just interested in the...
  4. meowcatz

    Chain Lube?

    What brand of chain lube do you use/recommend?
  5. meowcatz

    frame question

    I can't tell you much if you're asking how the frame will fit you. It's obviously not a well-known brand, but it looks like you can't go wrong if you get the thing for 60 bucks. What I can tell you is what I think of the ebay listing. I noticed that crosslake sales is the ebay seller. I...
  6. meowcatz

    My first road bike, built completly from ebay

    Looks excellent! Nice build!
  7. meowcatz

    How Many Hours Do You Train Per Week?

    Dave, Thank you for your response. I will try doing what you said and add in a lactate threshold workout each week. The stuff I have been doing has been 2x10 min intervals with 10 min recovery in between. Would you mind describing what L4 is? I have seen all kinds of "L" zones tossed around on...
  8. meowcatz

    How Many Hours Do You Train Per Week?

    I just started cycling about 3 months ago. I race cat 5. I have been riding about 8-10 hours per week over the last couple of months. My schedule usually goes like this: Monday-off Tuesday-easy 1.5 hour ride Wednesday-2.5-3 hour club ride Thursday-easy 1-1.5 hour ride Friday-easy-1-1.5 hour...
  9. meowcatz

    Pain in left hand

    Assuming you are riding a roadbike, I would check the alignment of your brake hoods. If the left one is higher than the right, it may be causing the pressure/pain you are describing. Take a level and make sure those hoods are even. Otherwise, try to loosen your hands up a bit when riding. As...
  10. meowcatz

    Left leg pain

    Thanks, I think you answered my question.
  11. meowcatz

    Clipless vs. Not

    Check out ebay. There are tons of shimano pedals (new) for $50 with cleats.
  12. meowcatz

    How Many Hours Do You Train Per Week?

    I'm interested in seeing what other people do for training. How many hours do you train per week (on average)? (If you go by miles, or km, state that if you'd like). What does your weekly training consist of (i.e. what types of rides do you do)? If you race, state your category. Thanks!
  13. meowcatz

    Left leg pain

    Recently I have been having pain in one leg (left) while riding. The pain is in the inner part of my leg towards the top, right about where my leg meets the saddle. It's not from my leg rubbing the saddle; it is more of a soreness or tightness. I had my bike fitted 3 weeks ago and was told that...
  14. meowcatz

    Vuelta Corsa Super-Lite Wheelset?

    I recently purchased a Vuelta Corsa Superlite wheelset (new, off of ebay) and am wondering if anyone uses these wheels or Vuelta brand wheels? What have you heard of them?