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    Time to pick a new GG

    Dame Edna gets my vote.
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    Becoming a bike courier...

    Hmm, I guess I will do that, then. I don't own a $6k duallie. I ride a $2k XC hardtail :) Thanks for the advice.
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    Becoming a bike courier...

    Hmm, well, I'm moving close to the Perth CBD and was wondering about the feasability of becoming a bike courier part time or something until other work comes along. The problem is I haven't seen any ads for agencies that run bike messengers, and while there are plenty of couriers in the city...
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    Spotted in an LBS today

    Does it have indicators? I want indicators! *click click click..*
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    New Forks

    I wouldn't get a Manitou Six if I were you. I have the Six Sport and have broken it after only 6 weeks. A lot of other people have reported the same break in the exact same spot. Manitou's support is good, though. Just don't tell them you crashed into three trees at 30km/h. :)
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    Grip shift vs rapid fire

    You appeared to answer your own question there. Like rapid fire better? Go with rapid fire. Want something different? Go with rapid fire. I use it.
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    build north shore

    Get a big sign and whack it into the ground stating that anyone who rides the course rides it at his/her own risk, it's for experienced (or crazy) MTBers ONLY. (Or words to that effect) As for the course, well, anything you like! Jumps, singletrack, drop-offs, logovers, log rides. North Shore-...
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    Hmm, steep downhill rocky gravelly section of a XC trail plus high speed and ~80cm jump = bad stuff. Oh, also the three blackboys (Weird trees) where I intended to land. Result was a sh!tload of grazing, winded, groaning, and a broken fork. :)
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    STOLEN: Merida 'Mission Speed' FS XC bike.

    This was stolen a couple of weeks ago in Rockingham, WA. Specs: 22" Blue/Silver Merida Mission Speed frame (LRS rear susp.) '03 Marzocchi MX Pro ETA front shox. XT Hydros, XT shifters, XT front and XTR rear mech. IKE mini barends, flat bar, stem, seatpost, saddle. Michelin Wildgripper XL...
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    Do you greet other cyclists?

    I rarely greet other cyclists in my area because my area is largely populated by 12-17yo BMX riding dlinquents who cause havoc (More havoc than me doing my Urban Assault stuff) and whom I generally don't have any respect for. :) :o
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    WR: the kindness of an LBS

    mmm. My LBS is similar. I went in there 7 weeks ago, and walked out with a $1500 hardtail, and also with an invitation to ride a XC course with a local group. Had a blast (I swear I have never sweated so much in my life!) and learned a LOT. So far I have been on about 4 rides to a variety of...
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    New wheelset and stuff.

    Nice...observation. Any suggestions? Looks like I'm going with: Pair Mavic F519 (32H) - $195 64 DT black 14g spokes - ~$50 Shimano Deore Cassette 9spd - $91 Shimano LX Disc Hub set - ~$118 Pair Hayes 6" rotors - ~$65ea Pair DMR V8 Platform pedals - $64ea (All prices in Australian Dollars)
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    New wheelset and stuff.

    Okay, looking for a new wheelset, pedals and helmet. (Don't ask what happened to the previous stuff.) Thinking about Mavix D321 rims with black DT 14g spokes, laced to deore disc hubs. Oh, and Hayes 6" rotors. My previous setup came stock with my Raceline Comp - Mavic X223's, Shimano M-475...
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    Hayes HFX-9

    I have the HFX-9 XC model front and rear. (6" rotors) Great stopping power. I like them better than the Shimano XT disc brakes I'm tsting now. Um, Just remember to keep your weight back and down when breaking hard with these on the front ;)
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    RR: Manitou? In the loo. :(

    BTW, there seems to be a lot of people experiencing breaks with their Manitou Six and Six Sport forks at the join between the Arch and the Right leg. (exactly where mine broke) Pretty worrying. All the people concerned got their forks (just new lower legs) back on warranty. Just a query, how...
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    RR: Manitou? In the loo. :(

    Damn, all I did was drop a 8" kerb, officer! Honest! :) If I don't get a replacement I won't be able to ride for quite a while. Funds are severely limited atm (I'm still paying off the bike ffs.) and since the bike is also my only mode of transportation I'm really hoping that Manitou replace it...
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    RR: Manitou? In the loo. :(

    My first RR thread :) Went for a ride today. Nice technical XC course in the Dwellingup area in the South West of Western Australia. Started as usual with me being woken up far too early after far too little sleep and rushing around trying to get ready quickly. After meeting up with the...
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    How to stop getting so many punctures?

    Another vote for tyre liners from me. The grassed areas around me are covered in DoubleGs, and after a couple of punctures and absolutely writing off two tubes (About 500 DoubleG punctures in each one after riding over a really bad track...) I got some tyre liners. They're just kevlar/plastic...
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    Are you a Cycling Dork?

    I thought shaving your legs causes a lot less skin to come off in a high speed crash? I'd never do it anyway. Besides, I'm not a roadie. (MTBer) BTW, what if you wear 'shy shorts'? (Normal looking shorts with nicks built in) Can you wear those around a bit when you're off your bike? :) I'm...
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    DH/FR/HC/Hucking - What keeps mfr's out of court?

    I do plenty of drop-off on my hardtail, of course I wouldn't attempt 15ft onto flat or even 15ft onto a perfect soft sloped landing. I do know the risks when I regularly do 6ft drops, though, and I have suffered injuries resuting from landing wrongly. I haven't sued anyone, I just grin...