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  1. Apis

    Touring bikes 2010: $1000 - 1200

    So, a couple of comments. Steel is real (and repairs and welds can be made just about anywhere someone can weld). Weight wienies will always miss out on the ride quality that steel can provide. I'm a fan of Surly®. I've ridden an LHT and found it superb for loaded touring, and gravel...
  2. Apis

    Poll- Do you wear a helmet?

    I've seen two instances where old road racers (with decades of riding experience) fall at intersections on rail-trails! Both of them were happy to be wearing their brain buckets. So was I when I crashed my MTB in July, '08. I 1-pointed in a rock garden and only came out of it with a pine...
  3. Apis

    Cycling sunglasses

    Whatever you get make sure they are something that actually fits your face when you are looking out from under your cycling helmet. I like better glasses, and as for color...low light=amber, bright light=polarized greens or browns (my preferences).
  4. Apis

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    I ride for fun, and am experimenting with randoneurring this season. The Raleigh is actually too long and tall for comfort. The frameset is for sale. I need to snipe some digies of the JPWeigle Specialthat I ride for speed, and the Schwinn Worldsport (early '80s vintage) that I ride in...
  5. Apis

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Here's yet another 'til I stared adding bits to her. Oh, and the other is me and my janked up right eye. Sorry if it panicked anyone.
  6. Apis

    Preventing butt pain - new saddle or get some bicycle shorts?

    Yeah...I forgot about the t'aint break in period. Takes a few hundred miles afore it's ready.
  7. Apis

    Northeast Ohio

    Aside from the Outspokin' Wheelmen group are there any others looking for social ride get-togethers this spring and summer? I'm looking for someone that is willing to share the roads and help provide a larger sight picture for the damn motorists.
  8. Apis

    Front derailleur adjustment

    Thanks for the replies. They are as I suspected, but I always seek validation of my opinions.
  9. Apis

    Front derailleur adjustment

    I'll have to check BCD...forgot all about that. Still, a 38T wouldn't be a deal breaker.
  10. Apis

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    It's a Cooper's Sparkling Ale from Adelaide, SA, AU. Good stuffs! I have no idea what alloy the Schwinn in question would be. I only know the Gitane because the stickers are still on her.
  11. Apis

    Your Cycling Locations

    I live and ride around N. Portage county. Spend loads of time traipsing around Geauga, Trumbull, Ashtabula, and Mahoning counties. Ride MTB too.
  12. Apis

    Poll- Do you wear a helmet?

    I never used to. Largely b/c I started riding before there were cycling helmets. At least helmets with a hard shell...anyone else remember leather straps "helmets"? The I got married, and had kids, and crashed a mountain bike (blinded in 1 eye from that one), and started riding in traffic...
  13. Apis

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Here's one. Mid 70's Gitane of Reynolds 530 steel. Currently singlespeed awaiting the rebuilding of her original Simplex® drive train.
  14. Apis

    Preventing butt pain - new saddle or get some bicycle shorts?

    Loads of people swear by them. I have a couple of WTB saddles myself.
  15. Apis

    What tires do you use?

    Me too, in 25mm. They seem to hook up well enough. I'm not in it for speed, my concern is for puncture resistance and treadwear.
  16. Apis

    Preventing butt pain - new saddle or get some bicycle shorts?

    I disagree. The saddle fit is totally more important than shorts. People still ride all damn day in street clothes and a proper saddle...ask Grant Petersen. Look for a saddle that fits your sit bones, and is made from a breathable material. That being said, saddle preference is a very...
  17. Apis

    Front derailleur adjustment

    So, greetings everyone. I have a JPWeigle that I am looking to change the chain rings on. The 53 & 39 were originally on there for racing (it has a 12-26 eight sp. cassette). I like the cassette, and it has thousands of miles left on it. If I chuck on 48 & 36 tooth rings would I have to...
  18. Apis

    Which clipless pedals and shoes for road and off road riding?

    I wear MTB shoes and SPD clone pedals. I like to walk when needed, and this simplifies things too.
  19. Apis

    Great Lakes Cycling

    Here's a starting point. Loads of rando in Ohio. Lots of trails to be had too. Ohio Randonneurs