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  1. Cruzzer08

    Do you wave?

  2. Cruzzer08

    Do you wave?

    LOL! Too dangerous to wave??? Well I guess some people pull over to take a drink too... Roadies all wave in Albuquerque, not a giant swinging arm up in the air, but a shake or two of the hand or a flick of the fingers is good ediquite… And with the team kit on its helps make your sponsers look...
  3. Cruzzer08

    HELP with hills!!

    I want to see a picture of that Shwinn!!!
  4. Cruzzer08

    Need help deciding!! Have 2 DA bikes or 1 with Super Record 11??

    So last month my frame cracked on my Cervelo R3, so I took it down to the LBS and they gave me the warranty no problem, I went with a new 2011 S2 frame, didn't like the geometry on the new R3's... So for the time being I took my DA 7800 group and built up a carbon Fuji Team Pro frame that i had...
  5. Cruzzer08

    Hair vs. no hair, the debate is over for me.....

    I went down in a corner a couple year ago about a month after crit season was over, so I was lazy and hadn't shaved since the last race, i lost about 3/4 of the skin on the left side of my calf... I regretted not shaving for over a month!! Not only is the injury worse with hair but the healing...
  6. Cruzzer08

    Dented My New Cannondale Frame Already!!!

    Dude I dont have any advice but if I dented my cadd 7 I would have to take a week off work
  7. Cruzzer08

    First Race: need some tips

    Came in Second!! If you don’t count the tandem. Turns out the prize money was only for the marathon runners but nobody knew that until we were all sitting on the line. Crazy course too, there was 2 dirt road sections each about 800 yards my 700x23's got pretty squirrelly and the washboard threw...
  8. Cruzzer08

    First Race: need some tips

    Thanks Guys that really helps I'll give it a try and let you know how it turns out
  9. Cruzzer08

    First Race: need some tips

    As far as comparing with other riders, I really just ride with my dad and brother-in-law but I am allot stronger then them. I rode with a club last weekend and those guys do allot of races including multiple century’s a year and they kept commenting on how strong I am. There were a few climbs...
  10. Cruzzer08

    First Race: need some tips

    I'm getting ready to do my first race this weekend and I would love some tips from the experienced racers. I'm 23 and I ride about 200mi.+ a week and keep about a 19-20mph average. This race is 26 miles but there arn't any Cats, 1st gets $250. They didn't really advertise it to well so it...
  11. Cruzzer08

    Tufo Tubular Clincher Tires

    Theres got to be somebody out there that uses these :confused:
  12. Cruzzer08

    Tufo Tubular Clincher Tires

    Has anybody tried these? Specifically the Clinchers, my understanding is that they work on all clincher wheels right? Are there really any benifits? Pros? Cons? What do you guys think.
  13. Cruzzer08

    How far do you cycle to work?

    It takes 1-1.5 hours depending on headwind and amount of sleep I get the night before.
  14. Cruzzer08

    How much does your bike weigh??

    Cannondale R1000 19.6 lbs (7.3kg)
  15. Cruzzer08

    Pedal Type

    Shimano SPD-520 they work great and I like that I can walk around normaly in my shoes.
  16. Cruzzer08

    Cannondale R700?

    Definitly a exelent bike, I ride a 04 R1000 (same frame) its a awesome bike. I did about 2 months of research and rode a bunch of bikes before I picked it, nothing rides like that CAAD 7
  17. Cruzzer08

    How far do you cycle to work?

    I travel all the way across Albuquerque my commute is 22miles each way and I do it at least 3 times a week.
  18. Cruzzer08

    How much does your bike cost?

    04 Cannondale R1000: $1800.00 and worth every penny Trek 850: Dad gave it to me but I've dumped about $300 at it Next 24: $60.00 Wal-Mart Clearance bought it to beat it, full suspension, al frame, took it to the mountains and was amazed. Dyno Detour: The only bike that hasn't costed me a dime...
  19. Cruzzer08

    Bicycling vs. motorcycling

    I ride a KX125 so it’s just for fun but I was thinking about selling it too. I decided not to, and put most my new Cannondale R1000 on a credit card. Well now summer is over and my KX didn't move the entire summer, I just can’t stop pedaling. If your MC is just for fun I say sell it, you will...
  20. Cruzzer08

    Lance Armstrong... Yes or No?

    I'm only 23 but I have always been into cycling (having a cycling dad of course), I grew up wanting to be Gregg Lemond and it has never been the popular thing. You couldn’t just start talking to the average American about cycling or be admired for riding a bicycle. Now look what Lance has done...