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  1. wrench

    Wanted : US Made Hybrid for Under $1000

    I've had a Trek 7300 for a few years and highly recommend it. It has a nice stiff frame and the suspension seatpost and fork makes the ride nice and cushy while still being able to go like a bat out of hell.
  2. wrench

    Trek X500: took the plunge

    I'm curious as to what kind of rack you'll add, are there any regular touring type racks that'll work with your discs, or are you going to have to go with the "Old Man Mountain" style rack?
  3. wrench

    Trek X500 or Specialized Globe '05?

    I"m considering that X500 to be ordered this winter if I go with it. I have a question though. I'm concerned about heel rub with rear panniers, if I had that problem do you think I'd be able to replace the rear rack with a Jannd Expedition rack? By the picture on the Trek site, I'm concerned...
  4. wrench

    Fender for Rock Shox

    I don't think so. Should I decide to build up a strict commuter, maybe full rigid, but I'm thinking the 4600 might be an everything ride, as I prefer just one bike instead of a bunch. besides, since I weigh in at 190, the weight savings are only negligable, just not that much.
  5. wrench

    Trek X500: took the plunge

    So did you get your X500 yet, I wanted to ask about the rear rack as to whether it's a special fit or if any old rear rack could replace it if per chance one needed a longer rack to stop heel scrape on pannier.
  6. wrench

    New to Forum & need help to pick a bike!

    You don't want your arms to be stretched out. You could ask to have the stem replaced at no charge if that would do the job. If the LBS won't change the stem to insure that it's sized right, you may want to take your business elsewhere.
  7. wrench

    New to Forum & need help to pick a bike!

    Well a test ride is the best way to decide what size to get. There's less than an inch differince in headtubes and and toptubes, it would surprise me if she wasn't more comfortable on the larger. Everyone makes a big deal over 20mm. it only sounda like a lot but 20 mm or 2cm comes out to only...
  8. wrench

    New to Forum & need help to pick a bike!

    I have a twenty inch hybrid and I'm 5'9. You said your 5'8 so take it for a test ride and see if it's comfortable. One thing is you may want a shorter top tube so then you may want a smaller one. Of course most hybrids have adjustable stems. Its been my experience that the largest bike I can...
  9. wrench

    New to Forum & need help to pick a bike!

    Check out the Trek Navigator. They will be great to start. Ir you might consider any of the 700c Hybrid bikes. I have a 7300 with suspension seatpost and fork. It's about as fast or as slow as you may want.
  10. wrench

    What bike? What tyres?

    I have a 7300. The one with suspension seatpost and fork. I love it. The suspension does come in handy. Any way the FX is the same sans suspension. I highly recomend it, however don't get the Trek rear rack, it's too short. I can't use panniers without rubbing my heel. I thought it was because...
  11. wrench

    Fender for Rock Shox

    My present commuter(Trek 7300) is about ready for a going over, it is my first 700c ride. It has done well for the past 4 years, but I want to go back to fat 26 inch tires as I like to do some exploring after work and the 700c's just don't cut it. Anyway I also have a Trek 4600 (same as 4500...
  12. wrench

    need advice on a new bike

    I've had a Trek 7300 for going on 4 years. I would say the 7200 is a great choice. Anyone who thinks a hybrid is junk is just silly. I keep a rack and panniers on mine and it's a 3 season commuter. I recently put some IRC 700 X 32s on it for kicks. It is faster but doesnt handle gravel as well...
  13. wrench

    What type of bike do you commute to work on

    That's about how much the bike costs. But hey, it'll be fun. If things do get tight I understand about 350 dollars will have it ups'd over here. I really want to do some travelling though, so I hope to make the trip accross the pond in about a year and a half or two years.
  14. wrench

    What type of bike do you commute to work on

    I'm seriously considering saving up a bundle for a vacation to London. While there I would go check out SJScycles and pick up a Thorn Raven Tour that has a 14 speed internal hub. Of course I could just have them send it to me and go to Mexico instead, but everyone I know goes someplace in Mexico...
  15. wrench

    What type of bike do you commute to work on

    I have a Trek 7300 that I ride all over and 2 miles to work. I'm a spring, summer and fall commuter as riding in the cold really sucks.
  16. wrench

    Hybrids - adult and childs

    I live in America but I understand my bike is available in europe. I have a Trek 7300 which I use on my two mile ride to work and I'll put 20-50 miles on it on the weekends. You can get it with suspension fork and seatpost, which is what I have, or the 7300 FX is a full rigid version. I really...
  17. wrench

    help finding fork w/ disc mount

    If your going for a rigid fork, check out Otherwise there are all kinds of suspension forks available that are disc compatible.
  18. wrench

    Just starting out

    If it's a hardtail you probably are getting XT. Have your bike shop size you up properly. One nice thing about hardtails is you get a lot better components for the money. For trail riding and long distance stuff off road you'll probably appreciate the efficiency of a hardtail over full...