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    Maxxis Xenith Equipe Legere Tires?

    Yes I use them. They are light and have a very high psi, 140. I run them at 100-20 because 140 is rough. I like them but have not used them in the rain yet. Hope it helps
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    Woot woot! Stuff found while cycling

    There is an entire magazine about what people find. Found Magazine Some of it is really funny. enjoy Thomas
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    Never mind recovery week. How about recovery days

    Sometimes you have to go to slow to be able to go fast. Thomas
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    american flyers soundtrack

    will some one please send me the soundtrack as well [email protected]
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    weight training survey

    Hi, I am doing a survey on weight training. If you would please just take a few moments and fill it out I would be very greatful. I will share the results in a few weeks. Thanks Thomas
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    using compressor to air tires

    Most go well above 90. At work we crank up the compressor to power different nail guns running off the same tank and there not very big either. Why not just use a floor pump? Thomas
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    Lacking motivation

    Yes, I was away for a year. I watched some racing and wanted to get back to it but it wasn't until I quit drinking that I did get back on the bike. When I feel like not riding I watch and if that doesn't do it for me I go for a run or mix it up. The...
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    Reaction to Marion Jones' alleged doping

    The drug makers will always be a step ahead. Don't you need the drug to make the test? Thomas
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    Reaction to Marion Jones' alleged doping

    No one cares because everyone knew she was on the juice. She was as big as the guys. Marion did not look natural 2 years ago. Her husband was busted, Then her bf was busted. A common trend here. To get pregnant though she had to stop doping. If you look at her now. She is alot smaller muscle...
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    Barry Bonds dead at age 39! Stroke.

    It would be in the past because Barry tunred 40 this summer. But when I first saw your post i was like sweet jesus! T
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    Bobby Julich

    :eek: Uh no! Jullich doesn't make the appeal the USOC would on his behalf. If they did appeal wouldn't that be admiting Tyler is guilty? Thomas :eek: