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    What type of bike do you have

    My mountian bike is just a standard CCM 2011 bike.
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    Mountain Biking And Camping

    Almost all the mountians and hills here in southern Quebec Canada are perfect for cycling and camping :)
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    Taking Your Time On The Road

    I usually cycle through the countryside or riverfront for pleasure. It's not about the destination is about the ride.
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    Ideas For Checking For Cars Approaching From Behind?

    I would recommend buying one of those little mirrors they sell for bikes if this is a real issue for you.
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    Cycling Snobbery

    Once when I tried out for membership for local a cycling club ,the leader of the club was very elitist and bragged endlessly about his 2500$ carbon fiber frame with this and that 500$ gears, Italian leather bag ...etc, while he scoffed and mocked my simple 300$ touring bike.
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    Hobbies Besides To Cycling?

    I have a bunch of hobbies besides cycling. I collect international coins,woodworking,gardening,hiking/camping,video games and movies.
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    Hey Peeps! Check Out This Cycling Shirt!

    Ha nice it looks good ,you should sell them at cycling events .
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    Do You Wash Your Bike?

    If you are washing your bike more then like once every 2 weeks you're probably overdoing it.
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    What is the best sunscreen to use in the summer when cycling ? What spf should one use ?
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    What are your major differances between training and riding for fun?

    Well when training you have to be in the zone,focused and pushing yourself to the limit, When riding for fun there is no pressure no drive ,just relaxing enjoying the breeze and admiring your surroundings, just taking everything in you know.
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    I think Marijuana should be legalized because 1. It can be taxed like beer. 2. it will take the power from drug dealers the same way legalizing alcohol took control away from bootleggers. 3. the government can regulate who can buy it better then the current system of "drug dealers decide". 4.It...
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    'thats gross man. lay off the Mexican food if you can't handle it.
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    Best Way To Relax After A Long Ride

    I find a long soak hot bath a or a hot tub is the way top go after a long ride.
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    What's the greatest unexpected benefit you've had from cycling?

    the greatest unexpected benefit for me was how cycling completely alleviates my depresion and anxietey.
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    Mountain Bikers Are Destroying Colorado!

    Ha well the good thing about sand stone is there is tons of it in the world & the earth is always slowly creating more. you claim that human interfeerence in nature is wrong, but do humans not also stop forest fires and wildfires that would otherwise claim whole forests ? Also food for thought...
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    What cleaner and oil should I use on my bike chain?

    I use WD40 to clean it off then I apply 3in1 oil to lubricate the chain.
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    Junk bikes

    I'm no expert but I like to take old bikes that no one wants and fix em up like new, and then give them away to people who want them as gifts.
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    Road Rage

    Once when I was biking a pick-up truck full of trunk teen threw opened beer cans at my head and caused my to crash into te drainage ditch on the side of the road. Then they turned aroud and drove back and yelled " Oh lookie here someone doesn't know how to ride a bike ! hahahahahahahahah" . Then...
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I am from Montreal, Canada and I am a student at Concordia Uinversity. I cycle around the Island as a lesiure activity.
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    Where is our best coffee and cake stop?

    For me it's this little mom & pop cafe on the river front in Dorval,Montreal. In the summer a Ice cream stand opens right next to it (so tasty) and the view of the st.lawerence river is beautiful.