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  1. jalabert

    Heavy/light rim: Which is the easiest to keep rolling at constant speed

    Hi The lighter rim is easier to accelerate, but once rolling which rim is then the easiest to keep at a constant speed? Light or heavy? Thx
  2. jalabert

    Need stiff rear wheel - 3x or 4x cross?

    Hi I need a stiff rear wheel. Should I be able to feel a difference between a 3x and 4x cross pattern? Thx
  3. jalabert

    Rolling resistance and inlays??

    Hi Hopefully there are some of you that are into physics, so you perhaps can answer the following. I'm to do a race where I just can't have a flat, so I'm planning on using inlays in my tires. This offcourse increases the weight of the wheel, but how does it effect rolling resistance? I know...
  4. jalabert

    Your Ride!

    Sweeeet :D
  5. jalabert

    Maximum Carbon Spacer Stack Height?

    The advice about the spacer above the stem on carbon steerers is wellknown. For this reason I was surprised to find out the Reynolds recommend not using a spacer on top of the stem! The reason being that Reynolds forks come with a speciel expansion plug, that works againts the stress applied to...
  6. jalabert

    Gain from bladed spokes in standard wheel?

    Believe me, looks is a very big factor :-)
  7. jalabert

    Gain from bladed spokes in standard wheel?

    Hi I'm about to buy a new wheelset and I'm looking at a standard 32 hole wheelset consisting of the Alexrims R400(dimensions much like the open pro) with dt aerolite bladed spokes(blade is 2.3mm wide and 0.9 thick). No question about it, black bladed spokes look fast :-) However I'm unsure of...
  8. jalabert

    Looking for 2002 CSC-Tiscali jersey. In case you really desperat :-)
  9. jalabert

    Looking for 2002 CSC-Tiscali jersey. They have a online shop and I'm sure they some jerseys left from last year. HOWEVER they might no be willing to sell them for sponsor reasons. Worth a shot
  10. jalabert

    what is the best carbon fork?

    I'd have to second the reynolds ouzo pro. It's simply doesn't come any better!
  11. jalabert

    Wheels unaligned(maybe?) - framebuilders help please!

    thx again Frank(Frejus) :) I REEAALLLY hope my fork isn't the problem as I have justed mounted my newly purchased reynolds ouzo pro :D I've checked the distance between the legs and it's fine. I think it was mostly a matter of my eyes and mind playing a cruel trick on me, as I can't really...
  12. jalabert

    Play in cassette body?

    Thx Frejus I've solved the problem by replacing it with a shimano cassette body which to my surprise was compatibel with the frm hub. Can I actually change the bearings in a frm cassette body?
  13. jalabert

    Wheels unaligned(maybe?) - framebuilders help please!

    thx big H Tried the string trick which shows a difference of a bit under 1mm, so that seems okay. I think I'll have to conclude that I shoudn't worry, allthough I know it's gonna bug me the next couple of weeks until I forget about it :) :( Peter
  14. jalabert

    Wheels unaligned(maybe?) - framebuilders help please!

    It's late in the evening(early night) and I should have been to bed hours ago. However I have spent the last 2+ hours trying to figure out if my klein frame is straight(not quit sure why I got the idea into my stupid head in the first place?). I do offcourse not have the pro equipment for...
  15. jalabert

    Tuning Dura ace brakes

    I've have same problem with my frontbrake. I know the solution should be tightening the bolt in the fork, but it's a carbon fork and I'm affraid of damaging it. Any ideas how to solve this?
  16. jalabert

    Play in cassette body?

    My FRM hub has some play in the cassette body which means that the cassette can "wiggle" a bit. Should this cause problems in any way? :confused:
  17. jalabert

    Your Ride!

    Yuhuuu! Got the final parts for my summerbike this week and been out for a 100km today. Damn, it is sweet feeling after all those cold km on the wintercruiser :-)
  18. jalabert

    Tyres for '03....

    I'm gonna try out the veloflex páve for the coming season. They have been around for a while and I have heard several people praise them. The conti attacks er stupid expensive and even more so by the fact that rotating the tyres isn't a possibility(although those weight addicts will probably be...