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  1. kymanstaot

    Hydraulic Brake Levers And Other Question?

    I just got a 2012 Specialized rockhopper with avid hydraulic disk brakes. 1. My right lever is broken. It still brakes but the lever is cut. What brake levers can i replace it with and where do i buy them. 2. The avid brake calipers has a number 5 written on it. does this mean its and avid 5?
  2. kymanstaot

    Questions On Installing 26" Bent Springer Fork On A Beach Cruiser

    Hi, I have a 26" beach cruiser and really wanted to turn it into a lowrider that an adult could ride. At the moment im in the process of assessing it for a bent springer fork and was wondering if anyone knew how much of a drop the bent twisted springer fork impacts on the bike(if any) as at the...
  3. kymanstaot

    Is There A Signal To Warn Drivers That I'm About To Avoid An Object?

    I know the basic arm signals of left, right and slowing/stopping, but is there a signal to warn other drivers that I'm going to be moving over into the lane quickly if I need to dodge an object? Like for example, I was out on my usual route today on the 40mph road I ride on. There's a three way...
  4. kymanstaot

    Anyone Use One Of Those Huge Excercise Bike Front Sprockets?

    sometimes i used to see the occassional alt/rat bike with the big 60-someodd tooth sprocket from an exercise bike on it. i picked up one of these today and i'm considering what i might use it on. but i'm also wondering, if anyone has one, how practical a rider you've been able to make it. seems...
  5. kymanstaot

    Can Heavy Steel Forks Be Drilled?

    Obviously not from front to back, but from side to side? The majority of steel forks out there, like this one: ...are overbuilt to the point of lunacy. By staggering the holes between the inside & outside of the fork, you could eliminate weight without compromising structural integrity? Of...