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  1. bernmart

    Road Bike Tire Recommendations

    I switched from Gatorskins to Michelin Krylions (700 x 25) on my Roubaix. They were noticeably faster and more compliant on the road, and I've had one flat in 2000 miles. They're widely available in 700 x 23, but at your weight I recommend looking online for the 25s if you can't find them at...
  2. bernmart

    Topeak Allay

    I agree. There's a world of difference between your butt aching after a few hours on a saddle, and genital numbness. The former goes away after the ride w/o damage, but numbness is very, very serious and shouldn't be tolerated even temporarily!
  3. bernmart

    Anybody out there still riding a triple?

    Hardly. My club has some pretty strong riders, and about half ride triples, and most of the rest 50/34 compacts. It's hilly here. I did a 50 mile ride today with about 3000' elevation gain, and actually found myself in all three chainrings at one time or another. There are plenty of triples...
  4. bernmart

    Saddle Questions

  5. bernmart

    cycling shorts advice wanted - more or less spandex better?

    Would/Can you share the text of the letter? I'd love to be able to laugh, even internally, at friends who break the bank to buy Assos, while I peddle along in my Volers.
  6. bernmart

    Riding glasses for dark cloudy days

    I use Native XP glasses, which come with a variety of lenses. Mostly I use the grey polarized ones, but on dark cloudy days I switch to the orange ones, which transmit more light and increase apparent contrast. They work fine.
  7. bernmart

    Garmin Edge

    The 305 will warn you when you go off a course that you've programmed in, and point you back. But yes, there's no street map as such. Frankly, I rarely even use the course feature on mine, but I love it anyway.
  8. bernmart

    Garmin 305

    Actually there's a Mac version of Garmin's PC program downloadable from the Garmin website. Works OK. I also have and like Ascent. Haven't quite figured out how to load courses on the 305 from either, yet, though.
  9. bernmart

    shorts or bibshorts?

    +1. I just bought an inexpensive pair of bibs to see what the fuss is all about, and have concluded that it isn't about much. Most of the comfort, or lack of it, comes from the nature of the chamois, the cut of the bib/short, and the stretchability of the fabric. I acually manage to pee...
  10. bernmart

    What are your cycling sunnies?

    Native Dash XP, with several interchangeable lenses. Bought 'em on sale at REI. Except on cloudy days I wear the grey polarized ones, with stick-on bifocals so I can read menus, maps Etc. They work great; never fog up.
  11. bernmart

    Continental 4000 grand prix - possible side wall problem

    +1. I bought a pair of Michelin Pro2 Races 'cause the LBS was out of Specialized tires except in gaudy colors. I'm amazed by how well the Mich's ride, and they seem just as flat-resistant and long-wearing as lesser tires. I've already bought a second pair to have on standby.
  12. bernmart

    Need help choosing clipless pedals/shoes

    Specialized Tahoe shoes will serve you well, and look cool, too. I've moved up to Specialized's RT 50 shoes, which are the only road-specific shoes I know designed to use recessed SPD cleats and pedals, which make walking easy. But the Tahoes worked just fine.
  13. bernmart

    Does a big rider necessitate a big saddle?

    But the important point is that being big doesn't require a big saddle, as the OP wondered about. I'm 6'2", 195 lbs. Always thought of myself as having a big butt. I got measured on a Specialized "assometer" and found that my sitbones were slightly less that 143 mm. apart. I bought a...
  14. bernmart

    My Co-Motion Americano Arrived!

    Link doesn't work for me; all I get is a directory for guitars. Oops; I see how old the thread is. Link in the last post worked.
  15. bernmart

    Garmin Edge vs Forerunner

    Here it is:
  16. bernmart

    Garmin Edge vs Forerunner

    I'm also waiting for an Edge 305. Bought it from Amazon, who list it as "w/heart monitor and cadence." I assumed that meant all parts for cadence were included. Was I wrong about that? Buyer's remorse starting to seep in? Help!
  17. bernmart

    What cyclometer do you use?

    Not sure what you mean by "upgrading." I use a Cateye Micro Wireless and it works quite well, except for the awful owners' manual. I just changed batteries and it took me forever to figure out how to reset the clock and the odometer.
  18. bernmart

    Shoe Recommendation

    My experience with Shimano shoes suggests that they are oddly sized. I wear 11 or 11 1/2 shoes, which usually translates to 45 in European sizes. The Shimano sizing chart says I should wear their 46s. In fact the 45 fits me just fine. BTW, I'm an E width and the Shimanos are wide enough for...
  19. bernmart

    Specialized 2006 vs 2007 Roubaix Comp?

    I bought the 2006 version of the Roubaix Pro at a similar discount. Couldn't have afforded it otherwise. No regrets. It's the same bike except for styling, and a superb choice in any year.
  20. bernmart

    Specialized Roubaix Pro v Giant TCR 0

    My 2006 Roubaix Pro is also black matte finish. The 2007 Pro models look quite different--with a curved toptube and coloful paint job. Everything everybody has said about this bike is true--a superb combination of nimbleness, stability, and comfort. And the Dura Ace components work beautifully.