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  1. jp111

    Calories to Watts

    Thank you for your converter. Until an affordable watt system for a bike comes along, the HRM will have to do for me. My trainer gives watts, and is very useful in improving cycling performance. jp111
  2. jp111

    Calories to Watts

    Ric, Thank You for your reply.
  3. jp111

    Ok, Let's hear from all you compact crank riders..

    Hello Joe Oxford, I'm up here in Leominster Mass. where it is not flat by any means. I have had a FSA Compact 34/50 this year, (515 gram ) and it has been great. My cassett is DA 11/23, and, have not suffered on any hills around here. Most of the time, it is possible to stay out of the 23...
  4. jp111

    How do you handle aggresive chasing dogs?

    If chased at the end of a real long ride, and I am tired, the dog better hope I can't catch them, because they won't forget it if I do !
  5. jp111


    I have a Axiom 3 (Performance) and love it. It is on sale now for about $350. It connects to an old lap top, gives HR, Watts, Cadence, everything you would need and more. It has built in courses, or you can design your own. I have set up some great routines to build specific strengths. It...
  6. jp111

    Calories to Watts

    I have a trainer this winter that measures watts, but, last riding season I had a Polar HRM, and no way of knowing watt output for recorded rides. All I have is the calories used, time, dist, HR, ect. I have found the formula to convert watts to KCalorie, but not KCalorie to watts. Is it...
  7. jp111

    cold weather cycling

    I live over in Leominster, here are a few things that might help you. I got much bigger shoes, so thick socks would fit. Wind proof bib riding pants are a big improvenent ($$$) Any thing made of Polartec will work very well. And, drink plenty of water. I rode out to Greenfield a couple of weeks...
  8. jp111

    Have you ever purchased bicycling related items online?

    Though buying some things on line, I also buy from the local bike shop because they cannot compete with on line pricing, and, I could not do without their help, and group rides, so it is about a 50/50 split. The local bike shop does not have all the equiptment available at times I need, but...
  9. jp111

    carbon fork with alloy steerer vs full carbon fork

    Hello Jackccm There is a post on this forum, ' Your Carbon Failure ' From the replys, your having a full carbon fork does not appear to be a safety concern. Taken on the whole, working a little at a time, small reductions in weight on your bike pay off. Each ounce you save adds up. When you...
  10. jp111

    Magnetic Trainers

    Hi ! I bought a Axiom 3 trainer from Performance, and have 300 miles on it so far. It is connected to an old used computer that uses Windows 95. It's best feature is the pre-programed resistance rides, and, the excellent data base that automaticly records HR, watts, weight/power ratio, and...
  11. jp111

    7mm Titanium screws ?

    serenaslu, Thank you for having me check. It is not 7mm, it is 1.0 mm. What was I thinking ? Long story . Will be contacting SRP, 1.0 mm is everywhere. Sorry about that ! :) jp111
  12. jp111

    7mm Titanium screws ?

    6mm, and 8mm are everywhere, the elusive 7mm, where are you ? Does Ritchey make their own bolts ? jp111
  13. jp111

    Your Carbon Failure ?

    Thank you for your response, SR5500, it looks like a great material. Interesting comments ! jp111 :)
  14. jp111

    PRO Bike Use

    A question for professional bike racing members, do cyclists use a certain bike all season ? What about training ? Though not expecting race reporters to give away secrets, it would be great to learn more about equiptment, and how it is best used. Even playing back, and stopping recordings of...
  15. jp111

    Your Carbon Failure ?

    THANK YOU for your replys so far. Carbon seems to be holding up pretty good. jp111
  16. jp111

    Your Carbon Failure ?

    There is a great deal of information concerning the life expectancy of carbon bike equiptment. I was wondering what actual experience forum subscribers may have had with failure of carbon frames and forks, due to normal riding, not accidents. Am considering buying a carbon frame, but, due to...
  17. jp111

    7mm Titanium screws ?

    Serenaslu, Air pressure ? What air pressure, just riding on the rims works great ! jp111
  18. jp111

    7mm Titanium screws ?

    Hello, Dave359 Thank you for the information, I will let you know what happens, I had just about given up, but was actually riding along this past Sat. AM, and thinking about how much those 4 bolts still weigh. How funny. jp111
  19. jp111

    Poll: What Kind of Tires

    I have 2,000 mi on Performance Kevlar BELTED road tires, they go for between $24 to $19 on sale. They will make it thru one season, and, have taken the usual abuse. Not bad for the price.
  20. jp111

    New England

    Donald, Just found your post. I live in Leominster, and, ride the area around Wachusett, and up to the peak all the time. It's not bad at all. The long way around the west side, is only about 2.5 mi. I only have a double, and can make it up the steeper east way. It's worth it on a clear day...