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  1. NJ Hewitt

    What's with dogs?

    Hmmm... dog-proof "Stealth Bike". Popular with postmen and paperboys perhaps?
  2. NJ Hewitt

    Bianchi Gold Race or Devinci Apex?

    I have second hand Gold Race Pro, don't know what year. I got a good deal, £300. Fantastic bike, feels a whole load livelier than some £700-£1000 (new) Claude Butlers and Treks I test rode. Not a very objective measure, but great fun. All UK pounds sterling by the way.
  3. NJ Hewitt

    What's with dogs?

    A couple of times I've noticed that if I'm pedalling and the bike is quiet, they'll just look and sit there, but when I stop pedalling and the freewheel starts clicking, then they run out and bark. Maybe that information is interesting or useful to someone.:rolleyes:
  4. NJ Hewitt

    Road bikers - do you carry a lock?

    It's a necessary evil. I the smallest rigid D-lock I could find, just big enough to get around a railing and my frame. I live out in the countryside so if I can get away with just leaving my bike in a field while I go for some drinks in a petrol station, the lock stays at home, but I always...
  5. NJ Hewitt

    What is wrong with this picture?

    If you remember the episode of the Simpsons where Homer gets a new job in a new town, his boss is a Bond-style international villain, there's a scene where Homer and the boss are in a gym walking on treadmills then stand on a moving walkway to leave the gym. Very very American.
  6. NJ Hewitt

    best pro team jersey

    Seems odd that a user called team bianchi didn't include Alessio-Bianchi in the options. I love my black and celeste Bianchi, but I voted for T-Mobile, the black and purple-pink is too cool.
  7. NJ Hewitt

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm a Physics student at Queen's University Belfast.
  8. NJ Hewitt

    Bike weight - how important??

    Yes, I found that thread with mathematical proofs later on. They check out fairly well. Still, I did say in terms of 'feel' and such, and in certain situations. I'm on a Masters' course in Physics, so I understand well the absolute energies and forces involved, but the experience of riding a...
  9. NJ Hewitt

    Bike weight - how important??

    Something that's only been briefly touched on so far and deserves emphasis is that rotational mass is far more important than static mass on the bike; the same weight loss off your rims, tyres, even shoes is far more beneficial than than weight loss off your frame or saddle. I'd say at least...
  10. NJ Hewitt

    frame color

    I've got a black Bianchi (Gold Race Pro) with celeste highlights (bar tape, saddle, logos, pedals etc). It's better than an all-celeste frame. Now if I could find some black and celeste aero rims, that would really finish the job.:)