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  1. Buddy2004

    Old Campy Shamal Service Requirements?

    Hi, I have a pair of circa early 1990's 8spd campy shamal aero wheels that I bought used. Does anyone know the service requirements, tools required and service schedule for these wheels? There seems to be some confusion out there as to whether the hubs should be packed with grease or oil...
  2. Buddy2004

    ideal bike weights

    I don't know what level of cycling fitness you currently have? If as a beginner you are currently building up your fitness, then I would stick with your current bike - a bit of extra weight will mean you have to work that bit harder = better workout! At the end of the day, it's the fitness of...
  3. Buddy2004

    Carbon frame on indoor trainer - good idea?

    Guys, Thanks for all the replies - I feel somewhat reassured! Yes, I have a cycleops fluid and replaced the skewer with the one provided. Looking at the flexing issue while riding on the trainer tonight, I could see that the trainer supports themselves were also moving, so there would appear...
  4. Buddy2004

    Campy Shamal Water Woes!!!

    Hi, I rode my new (used) campy shamal aero wheels on the weekend and it ****** down with rain like a *******. I was cleaning the bike today and noticed a 'swishing sound' when turning the rear wheel.........took the tyre off and a cup of water came pouring out of the valve hole!!! No water...
  5. Buddy2004

    Carbon frame on indoor trainer - good idea?

    Hi, I have heard a few comments about it not being a good idea to use carbon frame bikes on indoor trainers as it can produce exceesive flex and strain on the frame - anyone have any thoughts on this? I have an elderly Specialized epic carbon frame bike and mounted it for the first time...
  6. Buddy2004

    Polar hr monitor. Which model?

    Unless you have spare cash to burn, my advice would be to think about exactly what features will be really useful to you, what you can afford and then see which models fit these criteria. I have the S150 and have been happy with it (bike specific model). If you already have a regular bike...
  7. Buddy2004

    transptorting carbon-fiber frames

    You guys are pussies........heck!, carbon frames are goddamn bullet proof......why bother cluttering up the truck bed (and risk chipping its paint), I just chain my carbon bike to the tow hitch and drag it behind me when I'm off to a race.
  8. Buddy2004

    Good 700c Winter Tire Recommendations?

    Okay, I was wrong about the existence of studed 700c tyres!! I have been doing group rides this summer ('donut ride') and will be keeping it up as long as conditions allow i.e. dry roads, not too cold. If I was commuting daily in winter, I would probably get a mountain bike with studded tyres...
  9. Buddy2004

    Beginner Q's

    I wouldn't get too hung up over wheel size and maximum speeds as an amateur getting into road racing. Your level of cycling fitness is what ultimately counts re. sustaining effort on the bike, not the diameter of your wheels. As far as 26" (650) or 28" (700), I think this is a matter of...
  10. Buddy2004

    Good 700c Winter Tire Recommendations?

    I am approaching my first Toronto (Canada) winter on 700c tyres. To be honest, I am not sure that tyre choice is going to make a big difference. You can get a 700c studded tyres? - there aint much rubber there to fit them studs in? My view is that as long as the roads are clear of ice and...
  11. Buddy2004

    Chain Compatability - Shimano vs. Campy

    I have an 8spd shimano 600 set up and have added a (used) set of campy shamal wheels and cassette (beautiful!). I got the bike shop to replace the campy sprocket spacers with shimano spacers, so that the wheels will be compatable with my 600 components. I have fiddled with the derrailleur...
  12. Buddy2004

    05 Specialized Tarmac Comp

    If you do a search of the archives on advice on buying a new bike you will hear the same thing over and over again - don't get too hung up on a particular brand / model, rather decide how much you want to spend and then spend some time visiting (hopefully) more than one bike shop and see what...
  13. Buddy2004

    Vintage Carbon -- Quality of Specialized?

    I bought a ~91 epic with carbon frame and shimano 600 this year - very pleased with it. It may not be the lightest carbon frame around, but it is fine for me. Like anything else, it's not the age, so much as how much abuse has it taken that will dictate how long it lasts.
  14. Buddy2004

    New Pedal Selection - Recommendations?

    People tend to recommend what they have the most experience with, which isn't always that useful as advice.......I am a case in point. I have been using Look pedals for the past year or so. I chose them for the large foot platform re. avoiding pressure points - so far, so good. Look pedals...
  15. Buddy2004

    Shimano 600 vs Sora

    Check out shimano's website - I recall they have a description of their different groups and the type of riding they're designed for. I too have the 600 and have no complaints, despite their age. From memory, Sora is lower down on the pecking order. Probably not too much difference between...
  16. Buddy2004

    Handle bars keep slipping?

    It's weird, because when fully tightened on the bars the clamp isn't fully closed - so a strip of tin can probably won't make any difference. The toothpaste solution I will try - spearmint or whitening?(!) Can bars fail in this manner??? It's a pain to take everything off to investigate, as I...
  17. Buddy2004

    Handle bars keep slipping?

    Hi, I have a ~1992 Specialized Epic road bike (bought used) and am having a problem with the handlebars. Over the course of a 60 mile ride, the brakehoods are very gradually moving further away from me, as the bars rotate! I have tightened the hell out of the allen bolt (single bolt) on...
  18. Buddy2004

    Tour de France Memerobillia - Authentication : Help Needed Please!!

    Hi, Okay - this is rather a long-winded nerdy question! In a spurt of having more money than sense and as an avid cyclist and TDF follower, I succumbed to buying some 'authentic' team discovery rider numbers (#1 to #9) from the 2005 TDF on ebay (the stick on cloth number patches that the...
  19. Buddy2004

    Advice needed on Campy Aero Rims?

    Hi, I am thinking about upgrading my mavic wheels on my road bike. At present, I do a lot of group rides on fairly flat terrain and was considering more of an aero design. A friend has a pair of used Campy shamal 40mm wheels (20 spoke rear, 16 front) with record hubs for sale (7 - 8 spd...
  20. Buddy2004

    Don't start out by buying a $5000 bike

    if cycling 'is your life'......maybe you need to 'get a life'?.....also, if a beginner can afford a $5000 bike, then good luck to him, what's it got to do with you?