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    Best hardtail

    iv got a GF marlin. wondering if i should upgrade in a few years.
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    Best hardtail

    Whats would you say is the best stock hardtail for under $800?
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    Lube questions

    My bike makes a grining sound when pedeling and the chain rumbs on fron derailer any ideas?
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    03 Gary Fisher Marlin

    I bought on a few months ago and the bike is great. Climbs like a beast and stops on a dime when its dry. But once you get wet you loose almost all stopping power. Shocks good for money, nice and light bikes 30lbs on my scale. Gears shift smoothly and tires work nicly on dirt. any more questions?
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    Fisher Marlin upgrades

    any ideas for marlin upgrades if any, or just a newer model?