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  1. Chrisbnj


    thanks for all the help. but its not like im literally just getting into this and wanting a bike. ive been into cycling for a good two years now, but all ive been able to use was my mom's crappy old mountain bike. im not just a jumpy kid with no sense of monetary responsibility
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    hey dude, if ur gonna flame just get off
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    Time to start a flame war. I know they specialize in two different types of cycling. But i just cant resist. Chris Hoy V Mark Cavendish in a 1 mile sprint (1.6k). Who would win?
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    I was wondering what exercises you can do indoors to kinda fill that hole in your training if the weather does not permit a bike ride. If someone can give me some details or even a link to a good site that would be greatly appreciated. :)
  5. Chrisbnj

    What would be considered normal cruising speed?

    its not like im new to cardio sports either. ive been swimmin a while if it makes it seem more believable
  6. Chrisbnj

    What would be considered normal cruising speed?

    dam, i certainly caused a ruckus. i no i can never get to 27 anytime soon, i never said i could. im new to this sport kinda, but im not dumb haha
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    Top Speed Down Hill's

    i was on a hill that was about a quarter mile long, with a 40 mph speed limit. if i follow the rule of thumb that since i live in new jersey the average car goes 10 over the speed limit and i was able to follow the car. id say 45-50 range. on a **** mountain bike standing up
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    Pedaling Efficiently

    ive never really experienced the bouncing at high cadence that your talking about. but a good way to pedal efficiently (at least if u dont have any kind of pedal restraints) is to make sure ur pedaling with the ball of your feet instead of the middle or the heel.
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    Im tryin to get into the sport more, get a road cycle, join a team, etc. Im a teenager and i feel that i wont be taken to seriously as a rider and no one will take me becuase of my age. What shoudl i do?
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    I am fifteen years old and live in a moderately hilly area of new jersey. I'm looking for a road bike that will last me a long time and will help me begin my cycling career. i am 5 feet 10 inches tall (177.80 cm). nothing too expensive ($650 max) i will be training and using this bike alot not...
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    What would be considered normal cruising speed?

    im kinda new to the sport (dont have a road cycle yet, 50 miles a week) and i have this [email protected]#$ Magna Great Divide mountain bike that i can average about 16-21 MPH on. if u put me on a true road cycle, how much would you say i can do?
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    Teams. wtf do i do?

    ok, im fifteen, i dont have a good rideable roadbike, im obsesssed with the sport and i wanna join a team. i know i gotta save my pennies and get a good bike (suggestions would be nice) and ive been wondering when i get a good bike and equip, how do i go about joining a team. im a high school...
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    how would one get a license
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    I am a fifteen year old kid from northern New jersey. Ive been interested in cycling for a good amount of years now and am thinking of taking it to the next level. I know that teams have generally older members than I, but i think im a pretty good rider. One problem is that i train on a crappy 5...