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  1. rawhite1969

    Winter cycling clothes

    hands and feet are always the challenge. Sometimes a good set of ski gloves is the key as they have some insulation plus the ability to block the wind. i do a base layer plus jersey plus windbreaker type riding jacket. Base layer over bike shorts and then running pants. Those with a cap that...
  2. rawhite1969

    Hybrid or Road?

    Could also consider a flat-bar road bike. Gives you some of the benefits of both. or consider a road bike or cx bike that accepts larger/wider tires, so you can get some of the comfort of the bigger tires, with the ability to go more road-aggressive if you choose to.
  3. rawhite1969

    Scratched my new bike, should I worry?

    the sooner the first scratch happens, the less you'll be worried about it. They happen various ways, most often due to our own mistakes. Cover it so it doesn't cause a problem, and keep the bike clean. Then ride it. it won't be the last scratch. I'd wonder if a pristine bike was even being...
  4. rawhite1969

    Not using a bell

    as long as we are doing something to alert the walkers. I walk with my wife on the trail i also ride on, and nothing worse than this one guy who comes by us at full speed, in the drops, no warning. Even though I'm looking for traffic from behind, he seems to sneak up on us. IMO, shared trails...
  5. rawhite1969

    Proper Size for Bike Shorts

    Bike shorts are your base layer. Wearing anything under them defeats the purpose. Good bike shorts provide some level of extra cushioning and comfort, but also eliminate seams that will cause you discomfort. Should be snug on your legs if are road cycling shorts. If are mountain bike shorts...
  6. rawhite1969

    convert Cross bike to Road bike?

    would be helpful to also know what the tooth counts are on the front and rear. Are you spinning out when in your best gear? if not, then changing the gearing isn't really going to change anything. Too much difference in the front chainrings can lead to rough shifting (I am told). you may have to...
  7. rawhite1969

    Vintage Fuji Special Tourer

    I spruced one of those up last summer and sold it to a friend to use in Oregon as a commuter. He loves it! Was the same color even!
  8. rawhite1969

    Time Pedals Cleats

    they look similar to Time Atec pedals I have, and those cleats are a pretty easy search online.
  9. rawhite1969

    Advice on wheels for high weight rider

    I'm in your weight range and run a touring wheel on the back of both my bikes. Stock entry/mid level wheels on the front. That combination has resulted in zero issues for me, vs the stock wheel on the back popping spokes. One of them is a Shimano Deore/Mavic A319. Ordered it from wiggle. I'd...
  10. rawhite1969

    cyclocross vs Rodie which to buy?

    thanks for the insight! I won't spend too much time adjusting on it since I now understand why it won't hit all 3. i'll adjust so that I'm shifting between the larger two, but with the ability to manually drop it to the smallest ring should i encounter a hill that i otherwise can't get up :)
  11. rawhite1969

    cyclocross vs Rodie which to buy?

    I just did similar with a Trek Hybrid. Largest CX tires I could get, 700c tires, drop bars, integrated shifters. Rides well, sports fenders and a rack, can pull a cargo trailer. but I've not yet got the front derailler shifting through all 3 rings with the new integrated shifters.
  12. rawhite1969

    250lbs and want to lose weight riding my comfort bike

    go ride. doesn't matter what the bike is. is activity, and if you enjoy it, you will keep doing it. and if you keep doing it you will loose weight. I went from 245 to under 210 in less than 2 years by riding and only changing my diet a little bit. start out slow and short, and when it feels...
  13. rawhite1969

    U-District Torker, where to get one??

    Torker bikes aren't quite a typical geomotry either, so you'll have to watch. I had to go down a size from what I'd normally ride.
  14. rawhite1969

    U-District Torker, where to get one??

    I have a Torker InterUrban i bought this year. I do believe you have to buy it at a LBS that reps Torker. similar to other major brands where they may appear online, but then the fine print tells you it can't be purchased online or shipped.
  15. rawhite1969

    Illegal Cycling

    I cut through a Hospital parking lot once only to find a sign that said "no bicycles". The health & hospital corporation doing us right! The health & hospital corp letting the lawyers and accountants have their way.
  16. rawhite1969

    Do you wave?

    Wave for goodness sake! The bike ride is supposed to be fun. If you can't take a hand off the bars long enough to wave you are going to fast to be enjoying the ride.
  17. rawhite1969

    Is a hybrid good for beginning cycling?

    if it gets you riding, its the right bike to get you started. The more upright position is likely to be more comfortable when you get started riding, hybrids have lots of adjustments available, and you can move to a road bike from there. I have both a hybrid and a road bike and started on the...
  18. rawhite1969

    Surly vs KHS - Steel vs Aluminum

    Check out Torker too. I just picked up their InterUrban - a steel road bike. rides nice. comes with 28s but looks to be able to take 32s meaning you could put a cx tire on it. Would need cross-levers for the brakes and might consider a stronger rear wheel based on your weight.
  19. rawhite1969

    in need of a new bike for riding around brooklyn, ny that can handle my weight.

    shocks add weight so you probably can't have both light weight and shocks. Might try a hybrid without shocks, with touring wheels and some beefy tires. I have a 10 year old Trek hybrid that I run 700x47 tires on. They roll well, absorb the bumps and cracks well, and the wheels have done...
  20. rawhite1969

    Picking up my first road bike tomorrow

    helmet, lock, seat bag with extra tube and some basic tools. pump or co2 cartridges. No reason to get stranded. Stash some cash in that bag, maybe a bus pass, and put phone numbers of your friends, family, and local cab company (that has vans) in your phone for when you can't fix what broke...