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  1. geerfree

    Great Fitness tips

    Tip #6 Drink less alcohol. Good tips
  2. geerfree

    My Parents think Riding is Dangerous!

    As you get older (late teens) your parents will start getting more confidence in you riding around the streets. 13 nearly 14 is very young so it will take a lot of persuading for them to change their opinions at the moment.
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    Considering a trike?

    Sounds quite different. Should look into it.
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    New member here

    Welcome to the forum! I had a look at some of your videos, thanks for uploading. The 1984 tdf stage 11 video was great, haven't seen that before.
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    Chamois position

    I had the same problem a while ago and went a size up from what I normally wear and it helped quite a bit.
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    Newbie here, too light?

    Mesomorphs are a type of body structure thats naturally athletic, have broad shoulders and supposed to be the 'perfect' build. Anyway I don't think your too light. Being a light cyclist has huge advantages, just look at the pro cyclists.
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    Bullhorn Handlebars

    For me I felt a quite a loss of bike control while riding with Bullhorn bars, but I can see the benefits on short races. Best to go for the aerobar attatchment on your standard drop bar so you can alternate between them.
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    Which is best in wheels- weight or aerodynamics?

    Depends on what sort of riding you do, aero wheels are good for flats, light weight for the hills.
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    Making a comeback

    Just trying to offer some helpful advice. I know from experience a little gym work mixed with hill training on the bike can be very beneficial.
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    Broke my collar bone...

    The surgery will heal it quicker but will obviously leave marks and cuts that you won't ever get rid of. Depends on the pain and situation your in I guess.
  11. geerfree

    Making a comeback

    Some light gym work can help
  12. geerfree

    What is a GOOD place to LIVE in Aussie for ROAD CYCLING?

    Inner suburbs in Sydney have some very nice flat roads. But yeah basically anywhere in Sydney!
  13. geerfree race.

    Shouldn't regret post race, only look forward to what can and will be. Its hard not to though I know, hate starting a sprint too late and knowing I would have won if I went a few seconds earlier!
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    Will Armstrong win the 2009 TDF??

    Can't wait for the alps, will make watching it on tv a lot more exciting, as well as seeing who is likely to win overall.
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    how to watch the Tour De France online

    Looks good, thanks for the link
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    Lance positive?

    I don't think anyone will ever know
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    How long have you had it?
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    road bike vs. tri/time trial

    Don't buy a time trial bike just because they go faster if your after fittness training. As most other people seem to say, stick with a road bike.
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    First Bike

    If you can spend more I would look for a better bike, but as far as value goes, at $299, it seems quite good for value for money.
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    some advice for a beginner

    If your looking for an entry level road bike you could check out some bike stores to find a model and try and find that model cheaper online somewhere such as eBay. Don't spend too much on your first bike as you don't know how much your going to cycle on it yet and its easy to sell a cheaper...