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  1. sk8ar

    Shoe Bike

    I was surfing on digg and found this funny picture: I think this bike is very good if you hate flalt tire :p
  2. sk8ar

    Buyint helmet (price difference)

    I'm buying a new helmet and I need a bit of an education :) First I would like to know why this helmet costs 160$ and this one only 25$ . I don't see that big of a difference between or is there ? What should I look for when buying helmet? (weight, wind tunnels ... ??) Thank you
  3. sk8ar

    Cycling Literature

    This one for sure ! Click
  4. sk8ar

    Looking to buy...

    Something like these ? Click Tirreno, 2007 model with Ultegra components for $1,199.00 Click2 GT, 2006 model Click3 Rocky Mountain 2006, 1190$ I would choose the first one, if I were you ;)
  5. sk8ar

    TDF 2007 picks

    You are right, he is a pure climber Polka Dot jersey is something he should have been targeting... He wouldn't have needed to cry 'cos of 2-3 bad preformances. Razmišljaš pravilno, sam se je odloču za GC in to me zelo jezi !
  6. sk8ar

    Stage 13 TDF - Saturday, July 21: Albi - Albi, 54km

    Yes Contador surely will be striking and Popay to ! I just hope those crashes today weren't crucial for some riders. Cos gusev crashed rally ugly (video) and Valjavec will have to go to the doctor 'cos of the injured elbow...
  7. sk8ar

    Stage 9 TDF - Tuesday, July 17: Val-d’Isère - Briançon, 159.5km

    He certanily will be faster than rasmusen on ITT and that will help him to win this TDF ;)
  8. sk8ar

    Stage 9 TDF - Tuesday, July 17: Val-d’Isère - Briançon, 159.5km

    Hey you forgot to mention my favourite Valverde ! He is looking super strong + he can collect a lot of time bonuses at the finish of mountain stages (simply by outsprinting the first group). Did you see Burghardt flying ?
  9. sk8ar

    Rest day.

    What was the time limit that McEwen failed to achieve ? Even Borat was faster yesterday :P
  10. sk8ar

    Gertus Linaman

    They also don't know how to say Tadej Valjavec. It is usualy something like Tadgee Valg avek... from Slovakia ?? (in reality he is from Slovenia (not on eurosport...))
  11. sk8ar

    Stage 8 TDF : Sunday, July 15: Le-Grand-Bornand - Tignes, 165km

    It will also be a big test for yellow jersey. I guess today will see a new guy wearing it at the end of the day. I also think that there will be an escape of Rasmussen early in the stage to get as many points as possible. If you didn't watch yesterday's race, check out Gerdemann when he...
  12. sk8ar

    Stage 7 TDF :Saturday, July 14: Bourg-en-Bresse - Le-Grand-Bornand, 197.5km

    With ride like today, he surely won't. BTW here is an interesting interview of australian riders... They talked about T-Mobile but noone mentioned current yellow jersey wearer. Click
  13. sk8ar

    Landis' stage 17 explained by Dr. Allen Lim

    Walrus: The post you made is quite interesting it shows that numbers really are as they should suppose to be, but as many guys before me said: His tests were positive and he should concentrate on proving his innocence there not on some facts with the power !
  14. sk8ar

    How do you pronounce "Mavic"

    I pronounce it like. Man only Ma vic like Victor Ma vic [Mawic]
  15. sk8ar

    Uroš Murn from Discovery HIT by a car

    THere was a cycling accident on the road from Šentjernej to Novo Mesto, 6 riders were injured Uroš Murn (discovery channel) and Primož Šegina were taken to hospital today at 15.00. Statement of Adria Mobile Team Quote: While Uroš Murn from DSC was training with members of...
  16. sk8ar

    Shocking Pro Team Jerseys

    There should be written something for girls ;) Like Parfums... :P I guess guys don't watch there.
  17. sk8ar

    Shocking Pro Team Jerseys

    It sure is :D
  18. sk8ar

    Your favourite meal/recipe?

    Yes pizza is the best !! Home mixed tomato, than ORIGANO than tons of cheese than ORIGANO than 15min on 200°c and that some more of ORIGANO MLJASK ;)
  19. sk8ar

    warmest stuff?

    THat is around 130 € right ? I am also thinking of buying one for myself... But luckly winter here in EU is super warm (instead of usual -5°c we have 10°c).
  20. sk8ar

    Carbon Hubs

    I don't feel lot of difference, There are some vibrations. What do you meen by feeling dead ? Durability hum (They are working OK I have never had problems with them, all I do is clean them once in a while) You should try to get someone to lend you first and then buy it. But there really isn't...