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  1. Shazzer

    Wearing the LiveSTRONG yellow wrist band?

    I tried to get my hands on one when I was in the US for Thanksgiving last year and they were pretty much impossible to come by at that time. A friend sent me a "Count Me Blue" bracelet shortly after that trip (which is actually a lot more useful for an American living overseas) and I wear it...
  2. Shazzer

    Trek X500: took the plunge

    Congratulations! This bike was my first choice when I started seriously shopping for a new one earlier this Spring. But unfortunately, it's not sold in Sweden so I'm settling for the 7500 FX (which I will pick up this afternoon!) Happy trekking!
  3. Shazzer

    Mavic XC717 rims okay for touring?

    LOL! I wish! Thanks for the input Mark. I've had contact with both Bontrager and the head mechanic for Trek USA and both have said that the wheels will be fine for touring...though the guy at Trek told me to carry a couple of extra spokes along if it will make me feel more secure about it. My...
  4. Shazzer

    Mavic XC717 rims okay for touring?

    Even Bontrager Selects (700c)? I'm thinking about purchasing a 2005 Trek 7500 FX but it comes with these wimpy looking wheels. Bontrager says they will handle fully-loaded touring (as does the dealer), but I think I'd be a heck of a lot more comfortable with a wheels that have a few more...