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  1. Pharaoh1

    Tires for road rims that will survive gravel roads

    I'm in the same boat as you, but not quite as bad. I've got about 1/4 mile long gravel drive; with a short, but steep hill at the end. With a narrow, high pressure tire I don't think that a fine tread would make a noticeable difference. I'm currently using Ultra Gatorbacks since the Krylions...
  2. Pharaoh1

    Tire pressure lost when removing pump and hearing "kiccchhhhh"

    This isn't scientific, but it can be helpful. Get into the habit of pinching your tires after you get them properly inflated. The more you do it you will eventually train your brain to instinctively, by feel, know when your tire is at the correct psi. of course, if you change the make/model of...
  3. Pharaoh1

    Where are the Krylions?????

    That's awesome; I know a lot of folks have been waiting for them. I hope that the quality is the same as before. I've been using Ultra Gatorbacks. They've been pretty good, but I like the road feel of the Krylions better. Thanks for the update!
  4. Pharaoh1

    Do you think Dura Ace 7900 will sell?

    "Why can't cycling be about whatever motivates a person to ride?" Amen. I got my Alienator fix for the day!
  5. Pharaoh1

    Where are the Krylions?????

    Dang, and I left all my photon torpedoes at home!
  6. Pharaoh1

    Where are the Krylions?????

    LOL! I wondered if anyone would pick up on that! The bottom line is that the black and gray are back ordered until Jan. 03, the black and red until march 03. Biketiresdirect show them as available, but all they have is the yellow stripe. I think I'm just going to get a pair of Ultra...
  7. Pharaoh1

    Where are the Krylions?????

    Thanks. I'll keep them in mind, but they only have ones with yellow stripes. I hate to be picky, but yellow? I'll take a gray stripe, but yellow on a blue and white bike? Why can't they make just plain old black tires anymore?
  8. Pharaoh1

    Where are the Krylions?????

    I love these tires, especially for Winter riding, and can't find them anywhere. Evidently Michelin has moved production to Thailand and can't say when they'll be back in the supply line. Anybody got a handle on where a stock pile might be? Thanks!
  9. Pharaoh1


    Most of the current research is very positive towards coffee and caffeine. My neighbor is 65 years old, has a hip replacement and drinks between 8-10 cups of strong coffee every day. On Saturday he did the Crater Lake ride. One hundred miles, with 7500 feet of elevation gain. starting...
  10. Pharaoh1

    Cycle jersey

    Sorry about your jersey. With a jersey that's out of print Ebay is most likely your best hope. It's hit or miss, but if you keep checking, sooner or later one will come along in the right size. Be prepared to pay plenty if you get into a bidding war. I've seen rare Starbucks jerseys fetch a...
  11. Pharaoh1

    does anybody hand wash their cycling outfit?

    Handwash; my wife won't let me near the washing machine!
  12. Pharaoh1

    How to mark a carbon seatpost?

    I've had that happen to me when I've used tape. It's not a big deal, but you do have to replace it. What has worked for me is just a small dot or two of acrylic paint at the back of the seat post where it meets the seat tube. Not obvious and fairly durable too. Scott
  13. Pharaoh1

    Michelin Krylion Carbon

    Awesome tires. Great for poor quality roads. One flat in 3000 miles. Staple through the heart. Stiff bead. Wish they made just black though. Good for training, probably too heavy for racing. Scott
  14. Pharaoh1

    Painting the Frame

    Hi Jack, In the forums search spot type in the word "paint". Look for a thread started by Reckon titled "How To Paint a Bike". It's very informativeand might tell you what you need to know. Good luck! Scott
  15. Pharaoh1

    My New Mars 3.0 Light Doesn't Work

    I have no experience with this model, but I'd say that if you bought it new as part of a set, I'd return the entire set and get a new one. If you start tinkering with it you may end up damaging it. At that point you're out of luck on a return. It may just be me, but it seems as though the...
  16. Pharaoh1

    Computer and light recommendations

    I can't address the light issue, but as to the computer issue you need to figure out what functions are important to you and how much you want to spend. The Garmin is really cool if you need that level of sophistication and have the money to spend. There are a number of great quality wired and...
  17. Pharaoh1

    Wheelset questions

    I bought a Fuji Team Pro 2 years ago and it came with the Easton Vistas. Over the two years that I owned the Fuji I swapped everything out for higher end components except for the wheels. The Vista's aren't incredibly light, but the hubs are amazing. They spin effortlessly. I've conducted...
  18. Pharaoh1

    How To Paint a Bicycle

    Reckon, Thanks for the nice post on painting. Lots of good info in there. It also helps people to understand why a quality paint job is expensive and why I would leave it to a professional. Have you done anywork on carbon frames yet? I would imagine that the prep work and actual painting would...
  19. Pharaoh1

    Tire suggestions

    I too put up with gravel roads and poorly kept pavement. I've had good luck with Michelin Krylions. They can be a bit tough to get on the rim, but they're very durable and ride nicely. This winter I'm giving a set of Serfas Seca RS a try. They get good reviews from the folks that ride them and...