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  1. Lance1965

    tyre width?

    Hi Everyone, I have recently changed my tyres from 700 x 25c to 700 x 23c and are wondering just how narrow a tyre i can put on my rims.
  2. Lance1965

    Indoor trainer?

    Hi Everyone, Is it harder on your body riding on the road as opposed to an indoor trainer.
  3. Lance1965

    How to improve recovery time.

    I don't do any training on my recovery days and i'd like to improve my recovery time if that is possible. Does doing rides in your recovery HR zone improve your recovery time.
  4. Lance1965

    no more muscle size.

    Hi everyone, I would like to increase my power output without necessarily increasing my muscle size. I understand that to increase my power output i need to do efforts in a very big gear at low cadences (50-55rpm). I have very large legs in the first place which have been that...
  5. Lance1965

    increasing power?

    Hi Everyone, Can someone tell me what are the methods for increasing my power output please.:)
  6. Lance1965

    VERY weak beginner.

    Even though it may not feel right but a lot of endurance will help a great deal,together with technique practice and a little hard riding. Have fun.:)
  7. Lance1965

    back ache

    Hi Everyone, When i do my long ride i get a sore back after about 1.5 hours.Does anyone know of any exercises to prevent this.:)
  8. Lance1965

    recruit more muscle fibres

    Hi everyone, I understand that to have stronger legs they do not necessarily need to be bigger, you just need to use more muscle fibres in each of the muscles involved. My question is, what is the best way to recruit more muscle fibres? Do you need to do more hill work or does all kinds of...