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  1. lucien2

    Totaled my beloved GT today

    did the driver receive a ticket?
  2. lucien2

    Water bottles that don't taste like $%*^ ??

    reviving an old thread.... I wonder- does the foul flavor that comes from the flexible bottles relate to potentially harmful outgassing of the plastic itself? Is there a health benefit to be realized choosing one type of plastic over another?
  3. lucien2

    Toes going numb, I need Help!!!

    let us know how that goes....I have the same problem. Makes no diff if it is my new-ish Sidi road shoes or my 4 year old Shimano MTB shoes.
  4. lucien2

    Steel Riders- paint care?

    I'm somewhat new to road riding, but not to cycling. After 10 years on an MTB I ponied up for a road bike. Given the harsh road conditions in my area, I opted for steel. After only a few miles (100 or so) I notice that the paint on the chainstays is taking a bit of a beating. I've changed the...
  5. lucien2

    Team Discovery Channel

    In the classic "Lemon Tree" episode, the kids conspire to steal Shelbyville's natural landmark. Bart divieds them up into strike teams, with names like "Team Alpha" etc.. Martin declares his to be "Team Discovery Channel!!" much to Nelson's consternation. This is all from 10 years ago or so.
  6. lucien2

    Team Discovery Channel

    uh oh. You wouldn't be suggesting that this is a topic that has already been discussed to death that I, as an unwitting n00b, have dumbly re-introduced, are you? :o
  7. lucien2

    Team Discovery Channel

    Am I the only one who snorts his milk when I hear this name? Did they not ever watch the Simpsons?
  8. lucien2

    Bike your poison! wherein many of my poisons may be found. Plus a couple of antidotes.
  9. lucien2

    Bike racks

    I thought I'd bump this, since I am now having the same debate. I currently own a Yakima upright rack, and am wondering if I ought to spend the money to get a fork mount for lower CG or other advantages. Any more opinions?
  10. lucien2

    Do You Use Clipless Pedals?

    I'm sorry, gator. That came off wrong. I'm no expert, just an enthusiast. I didn't mean to insult you. I'm thrilled that you've experienced the epiphany of clipless; it's a shame so many people are scared of them. The only good reason NOT to go clipless is for freeriding and maybe...
  11. lucien2

    Do You Use Clipless Pedals?

    er..... well....good. I'm glad you like 'em. :D I nominate this poll to be the biggest landslide poll of the year.
  12. lucien2

    Homeland Security and Emerging Economies

    Cliff Notes?
  13. lucien2

    Which bicycle company SUCKS the most?

    I know people like to **** on Seven for the cost....but I also have a paint story. While assembling my bike, the LBS noticed that the paint flaked off a bit around the BB....maybe a sliver. they showed it to me and also notified Seven. Seven wants my bike back once the dead of winter has arrived...
  14. lucien2

    Jan Ulrich Found Dead!!!

    As we say on the Subaru boards...... BAN!!!!!1!1!one!
  15. lucien2

    Poll: Am I a "Fred", or am I fast?

    THANK YOU! the attitude some people have about equipment is ridiculous. It's like saying you aren't allowed to own a Porsche or a Mazda Miata unless you've had at least two top-ten class finishes in an autocross.
  16. lucien2

    Poll: Am I a "Fred", or am I fast?

    ahhh. Got it. So if I enter just one race and finish dead last, can I shed my fred? Or does my passion for cycling and desire to get back to my fightin' weight outweigh the dollar amount of my purchase? :cool:
  17. lucien2

    Poll: Am I a "Fred", or am I fast?

    So....lemme get this straight.... People who are out of shape shouldn't ride expensive equipment, even if they too have a passion for cycling and are working hard to be in shape? And the risk getting your fitness unleashed on them? I don't think Fred is the word you have to be worried about when...
  18. lucien2

    Do you think I'm a lady?

    Where's my hasenpfeffer?
  19. lucien2

    Dead legs after a coffee stop?

    Biensur, but not all of us have 35 hour work weeks ;)
  20. lucien2

    What to you consume while riding?

    Prunes, baby! :D Like one or two per hour. The have potassium, calories, and carbs. They're easy to pack, tasty, and a terrific self contained boost. With the amount of water I consume on a ride, issues are irrelevant. I like the citrus essence ones the best.