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  1. lesliegee

    How Fast Can You Go?

    I've gone over 40 mph going downhill on a tandem - but am probably more thrilled when I go 28 on the flats. I'm a 49 year old woman, and think I'm doing pretty good to hang with the guys at that speed.
  2. lesliegee

    custom frame 52 seat/57 top

    I'm 49, been riding seriously for about 4 years. Am 5'3", with short legs, and have problems fitting me with stock bikes. Am getting a Seven titanium bike. The frame should arrive at the bike shop next week, and hopefully I'll be riding it in ?? two to three weeks. I'll let you know what I think :-)
  3. lesliegee

    Shimano Flight Deck Cordless Computer - Any Good? has a wireless speed, wireless cadence Vetta V100 for $95.99 if that interests anyone.
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    Riding Styles -- Difference between men an women

    The women I ride with don't use their drops very much. Most of us ride on the hoods like the guys. The only time we go to the drops is up big hills, or into a big wind. When we need all the aerodynamics we can get. - which I see the guys doing some too.
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    Seven Axiom: Mine.

    I am in the process of ordering a Seven Alaris. Going to the bike shop tomorrow for the final decisions. Getting a Chris King headset, Seven seatpost, and their molded carbon fork. I'm going with Ultegra groupo. I know it's not as cool as others, but will certainly be good enough for me. Still...
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    Just spent the weekend at Boyne Highlands on Saturday and Boyne Mountain on Sunday. Usually ski at Crystal - have a season pass. Am going to Vail over spring break. Just started cross country skiing after a hiatus of MANY years. and yes, and really good aerobic workout. I usually go to the gym...
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    And might be fun to see my speed going downhill. The runs in Michigan are pretty short, but am going to Vail in a month. Unfortunately, my cross country abilities aren't quite as honed as my downhill, and I don't think that I want to know that speed at this point.
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    I live just south of Grand Haven. And actually I enjoy skiing enough that I don't mind the winters. We've actually had enough snow here to do cross country as well as down hill.
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    Riding Styles -- Difference between men an women

    Usually when I ride in the drops it's because I want to save every bit of energy I can. - especially if I'm pulling. (More aerodynamic)
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    Yes - not cycling outdoors at the moment. Am downhill skiing and spinning indoors. Hope that the new bike is ready when we get a thaw :-)
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    Am purchasing a custom bike (titanium Seven), and haven't figured out what kind of computer to put on it. I'd like to put on a wireless. I wonder if anyone out there is using one that can be downloaded to a PC - and how that works for them. Have seen some that include HRM - and also wonder if...
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    Ksyrium Elite Wheels?

    I'm currently having a custom bike built for me. A titanium Seven. Haven't picked the wheels yet - but have been looking at the Kysrium Elite. Am a 49 year old female, and weigh 125 to 130 lbs. Don't race, but ride about 150 miles a week, and average about 19-21 mph. Am wondering if I could have...
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    Michigan - **** or worth moving to??

    I'm partial to Michigan, as I've lived here most of my life. I'm one of those crazy northerners who intends to stay here in the winter when I'm old. My folks (79 and 85, go to their cabin in northern Wisconsin instead of south in January - I intend to do the same.) I prefer the west side of the...
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    What kind of saddle/shorts do you use?

    My favorite shorts are from Sheebeast (they sell them on-line at Team Estrogen). I ride with a really inexpensive woman's seat from Nashbar. Is the most comfortable seat I've used. It's on sale now at for $16.95. I had a female friend recommend it. Before I used this, I had all kinds...
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    Members mugshot thread.

    I wish I had seen this forum before it was updated. Sounds like I missed some fun pictures. Don't have any pictures of myself biking or would post one. I'm in good shape, but am 48, so it's not like I'm going to thrill anyone too much - but is just fun to "see" each other. It'd be fun to see...
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    I found one that works

    I was just talking to a female rider friend this morning, and she says that Bag Balm does the trick for her. - use it before the ride. Since I've gotten a woman's seat ( an inexpensive one from Performance bikes - it cost less than $20), I haven't had a problem with chaffing, so haven't needed...
  17. lesliegee

    I found one that works

    I actually know someone who swears by his cycling sandals. I would have thought it would be hard to get this snug enough to not slip - but I guess that's not a problem. Cycling in Florida in the summer must really be beastly hot. It's warm enough in Michigan for me in the summer :-)
  18. lesliegee

    I found one that works

    I looked in google, and found the following: Foot discomfort is often the result of inappropriate footwear, specifically shoes with soft soles that concentrate the pedal pressure on isolated parts of the foot. It can also be related to riding in a too-high gear, which results in more pressure...
  19. lesliegee

    I found one that works

    There are lots of web sites with good information on stretches for bikers - I like this one -- I'm not up on what causes numb feet - but this same ultra cycling might have some information. It had lots of information I found helpful.
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    Bike Too Big For Me

    I ride a Lemond Tourmalet. I inherited it from my boyfriend's son. As compared with the 25 year old 10 speed I rode before this, it's an absolute dream. I hated those old friction shifters - and love the rapid shifters. After riding it for three years, I am now finding things I'd like changed...