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  1. kbs23

    I have had it!

    Just blame everything on a French conspiracy it works for me :D J/k, I hear ya it sucks, I never know if I am being negative or if it's just common sense kicking in when watching an event like that unfold. I was home painting and had OLN on, I was going back and forth watching it, and found...
  2. kbs23

    Is le Tour too overstrong in cycling?

    Yeah, It's annoying , it seems like alot of sports in general just have become more specialised. Players do less overall and focus one role, dont even get me started on baseball, baseball pitching the past decade or so, pitchers rarely go past 100 pitches or the 6th/7 inning. I always wanted to...
  3. kbs23

    Floyd Landis! You´re my Hero!

    hehe :D being a gimp,I believe is a prerequisite for all american TDF winners, gun shot victims,cancer patients, hip replacement canidates,etc. :)
  4. kbs23

    *** music ***

    nice, where you seeing Interpol , is it a good size venue? I haven't seen them yet. Yea, the Cure is an old Fav, haven't listen to them in awhile. A friend told me to get the Stills awhile back, I forgot the name of the cd and in my confusion bought the "the Thrills", I think they're an Irish...
  5. kbs23

    *** music ***

    Shetzer ever see Buckley live?
  6. kbs23

    Cold-weather riding

    theres always spinning classes.
  7. kbs23

    I need your help !!!!

    Bigbang, it's just like in "what about Bob" you have to take babysteps. :D Slowly work your way up to the level that you want to get to, and go at a pace your comfortable with. The motivation factor will have to come from yourself, find a source and tap into it. Also pop a couple advil, you'll...
  8. kbs23

    *** music ***

    The Killers, Interpol, and the new U2 single "Vertigo" a good song to get me going.
  9. kbs23

    Homophobia amoungst cyclists

    Homophobia amoungst cyclists :confused: , don't you mean amongst.
  10. kbs23

    wrone number.

    great Joke and great followings posts. And what does "not flasch" mean?
  11. kbs23

    Bearback Riding!!

    :D LMAO....
  12. kbs23

    Music: Any Jeff Buckley fans here?

    Was a big fan back in the day. Saw him at Toads Place in New Haven,CT "the mystery white boy tour" still have the concert tee. Never saw any of his videos, so I don't know of the bike. He was great and is missed.
  13. kbs23

    George Bush: Former Drunkard, Cocaine-user, War-dodger becomes War President

    why stop with middle America, the Coasts are far worse.
  14. kbs23

    Ladies Poll: Would You Sleep with Bill Clinton?

    lol: all this on a cycling forum, men better be confident with their maculinity, because cycling has gayest outfits in sports :D poka dot jerseys, tight skimpy shorts, little cute ball caps...
  15. kbs23

    Armstrong Nike Commercial

    Its called "Magnet" here's the link
  16. kbs23

    anyone from ireland?

    Not from Ireland, but both sets of grandparents are. One of my fondest memories/cycling memories was visting the Aran Isalnds with my Dad when I was a kid. He went off with the other adults to hit the local pubs I assume, :D while I and some distant cousins of mine rented some ancient one speed...
  17. kbs23

    Smoking & Cycling

    ****, yea I forgot to mention in my first post I had a 2 to 3 tin a week dip habit as well. I loved my skoal mint. To anyone thinking of quiting smokes...Do not start this stuff, it is a whole other beast, anyone who packs a dip knows what I'm talking about. I miss dip more than smokes. I loved...
  18. kbs23

    Do you wear a helmet?

    and mess up my Hair, no way.. :D
  19. kbs23


    lol. I read the 1st post and responded, didn't see that I was in the U.K section. Same discussion, different place.