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  1. Scarantino

    Pet Peeve

    I actualy agree with all of your points, especialy when in context with the companies you've listed (LEW, Lightweights, THM, AX, etc.) What do you think about the big companies, such as Specialized & Trek? They are without a doubt running on much larger profit margins than the smaller...
  2. Scarantino

    Best “didn’t see you” line?

    Yes I do, haha. Nothing like a close call with a hot female motorists. Talk about an easy way to break the ice.
  3. Scarantino

    I thought this was a forum not Ebay

    The site Admins/Owners (wherever there are?) Best thing to do is block the IP of spammers. Problem solved.
  4. Scarantino

    Pet Peeve

    I agree 100%. The thing is, I was never arguing againsed cycling in any way. Like I said, I have no problem spending money at all. I have an expensive bike, and I love it. I have NO problem with people who spend $20,000 on a bike (I wish I could afford that) I would much rather drop $9k on a...
  5. Scarantino

    Pet Peeve

    :D No, I just looked through a few pages, and a good deal of your posts seem rather negative/harsh, with a strange sense of humor for someone in their 40's (calling other men "princess" and whatnot) but that's cool with me, doll. ;) However, I also (recently) learned that you have a BS in...
  6. Scarantino

    Best “didn’t see you” line?

    To the OP Was the driver attractive? ;) I've never heard an excuse, just a whole lotta "Get the f*ck off the streets, idiot!"
  7. Scarantino

    Pet Peeve

    Is there something I said in my original post that made you come off like such an asshole? I simply said that bike products were overpriced, and you responded like a typical troll. Looking at your post history, it seems like you have quite the e-attitude. I hope it's just an online persona...
  8. Scarantino

    I thought this was a forum not Ebay

    The Site Administrators need to give a handfull of people Moderator Priveleges. If they take one long time, reputable (and very frequent) member from each of the sub-forums and give them the ability to lock and delete threads, this problem would be solved.
  9. Scarantino

    Pet Peeve

    I don't care what other people ride, and I'm far from any sort of elitist. The only point I was making is that there are going to be obvious differences in the bikes within different price brackets. Funny thing is, 90% of the people that buy the upper end bikes really aren't going to benefit...
  10. Scarantino

    Pet Peeve

    Oh, well, master, would you PLEASE enlighten me on these simple economics? I ride a very nice (and expensive) LOOK, so I never said I had a problem paying good money for a good bike. I'm also not "whining." You're just making an assumption with zero facts or evidence. Nice. So, please...
  11. Scarantino

    Which pro athlete do you dislike the most?

    +1 to all the anti-Nascar posts. I'll take a brilliant work of art, an F1 car, screaming around a track and taking mind-blowing turns at 160mph over a Nascar and a boring, oval track any day.
  12. Scarantino

    Pet Peeve

    Finding time for rides like that is such a pain in the ass. Honestly, ride what works for you, and ride what you like. As you progress and ride more, you'll find what you like, what you hate, and what you simply outgrow. One of my pet peeves is how expensive bike stuff is, in general. I'll...
  13. Scarantino

    Pet Peeve

    Often times, the more expensive products are a bit better... You honestly can't think that a $900 ebay triathlon bike is going to match up to a BMC Time Machine... or that a $500 ebay carbon frame is going to be in the same league as a Colnago Extreme Power or a Specialized Tarmac SL. I...
  14. Scarantino

    Longest indoor ride

    I've done 2 hours twice, and that was my limit. I almost lost my mind. I hate trainers.
  15. Scarantino

    Buying/owning a classy older bike.

    I LOVE old steel lugged frames. If it's a good bike, expect to pay a lot of money. Old bikes are hot right now, and I've seen Colnago frames go for $700-800 on ebay. Probably worth it, though
  16. Scarantino

    Question mostlikely reposted, will i be able to succeed fromt his weight??

    Cliff Shot Bloks. I will never, ever eat gel again.
  17. Scarantino

    need help with climbing

    Small in the front, big in the back. If you err on the "too big in back, too small in front" side, you'll be fine. If you go in the other direction, you could end up blowing out your knees, or at the least, not enjoying the ride.
  18. Scarantino

    Listening to music when riding

    Riding with music = a mind full of "shallow chatter?" Strange. I have plenty of time during the day to think about the origins of the universe, astrophysics, human evolution, life on other planets, women and sex. I don't see why I would waste my time trying to figure these things out on...
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    Go find a slight uphill grade and give it hell: It will click eventualy :)
  20. Scarantino

    Is there a mass bike company that makes MTBs that are light and cheap?

    My friend spent thousands building up a carbon Trek hardtail that weighs 18lbs. If you want a mountain bike that is in the low 20's, you're gonna have to spend some cash.