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  1. bbrauer

    Data points for determining Delta efficiency using power and VO2

    Yeah, a little esoteric, but I know there are a few lurking that know what I'm talking about. I work with power with my clients, and work with a partner who tests VO2 max. I'd like to add mechanical efficiency and delta efficiency to the metrics that are tested and measured. VO2 max, on...
  2. bbrauer

    I want hybrid display settings

    I remember when this place was almost a ghost town invaded by spam bots. I'm liking the new forum software and I'm venturing out from the power training forum, but I'm trying to find the display settings that allow me to view the thread in hybrid form. Any help?
  3. bbrauer

    powertap computer not downloading to WKO

    It was fine the other day when I downloaded a file. I double checked that the right USB port was chosen. It's sometimes finicky about loading WKO then connecting the computer to the cradle, but I checked that. Was wondering if the cradle is going bad, but I just tried a download with my...
  4. bbrauer

    What influences sweat rate variations among individuals?

    I recently started teaching some spin classes at the local health club. I notices that, in contrast to the civilians who I'm flogging, I sweat so much that there's a little lake underneath my spin bike, and my shoes are squishy and leave little puddles when I take a step (thankfully I got an...
  5. bbrauer

    Estimating VO2 Max from FTP/Kg ratio

    I believe this has come up before, and someone once posted a means of estimating VO2 max from what I remember as your max 5 min power. I was having a discussion with someone who made the argument that, for example, Lance's ave power of approximately 465 watts for 30 minutes during the 04...
  6. bbrauer

    Monod Test Protocol

    I understand the general principles of CP as defined by Monod and Scherer, but how is the Monod test applied to determine a corresponding power slope to estimate power at different time durations? A cursory google has not yielded much fruit.
  7. bbrauer

    Do you cheat?

    No, not dope. When you're performing your max tests do you get out of the saddle? What's the consensus on this? 5 sec max is a no-brainer, but I also stand either intermittantly or throughout the duration of my 1/5/20 min max tests. For example, my 1 min test course is a steady gradual hill...
  8. bbrauer

    What do people think about relocating?

    This forum and this site have apparently been abandoned by their admistrators and left to us and the spammers. It looks like the spammers are winning. What does anyone think of relocating? I and several others just launched a new forum website as an offshoot of mountainbikereview website...
  9. bbrauer

    I'm less concerned about spam....what happened to the search function?

    I just realized that I can't search key words or user names. What happened?
  10. bbrauer

    Am I going to get a new download link device?

    Seems like this has been a recurring issue with me and my Powertap. Currently, I'm not able to download files from my PT to Cycling Peaks. I keep getting the same "an error occured during download. Timeout waiting for response" message. I've checked and rechecked all settings and...
  11. bbrauer

    Ok Andy, I got a job for ya.

    I've given you the job of single-handedly saving Ergomo from irrelevence and, possibly, going out of business. The issues with innacuracy relative to Srm and Powertap have been pretty well documented and discussed here. Apparently there's 10% variation in power readings, and the Ergomo...
  12. bbrauer

    WKO Migration tool driving me nuts.

    Yeah, I know; use the customer support service with Cycling Peaks, but I've done that already and I'm still frustrated. I have historical data for three athletes (Jill athlete, Joe Athlete and John Racer from the USAC power test) that I have on file that I can't, for the life of me...
  13. bbrauer

    Power news from Interbike

    Just got back from Interbike and I'm pretty excited about the current state of power measuring developments. The first thing I did when I walked into the expo was make a beeline to the Quarq booth. I thought I had an inside scoop when I came across Quarq on this forum, but judging from the...
  14. bbrauer

    I'm surprised there's been no commentary on T-Max intervals

    especially considering they were featured in the latest Bicycling mag, and apparently received the Andy Coggan seal of approval in a bit of name dropping by the author. They sound interesting, but I don't see anything substantially different from a standard VO2 max interval. Seem like they...
  15. bbrauer

    Educated much am I losing with a worn out drivetrain?

    My Powertap currently lives on my backup bike, which has been retired to trainer duty. The drivetrain's shot from overuse: crunchy botom bracket, stretched chain, the cassette and chainrings are probably worn out too. Until I get a second PT on my new bike and/or get a Computrainer, the PT...
  16. bbrauer

    Whaddya think Merckx was putting out?

    Power wise that is. If we take his time from his hour record and factor in the increased Coefficient of drag, weight and rolling resistance for that traditional bike set up, can we come pretty close to calculating his FTP? That would make for a real interesting comparison to modern athletes.
  17. bbrauer

    The best source for race tactics

    There are any number of sources on training for cycling fitness, and I've been reading them for the last 13 years; but I've not really found a definitive source that lays out race tactics and strategies. Yeah, I've learned a little here and there from racing on my own and with others, but I'd...
  18. bbrauer

    The Holy Grail of Power Calculations

    I had a mtb race today and I was reviewing the results this evening. Based on time, for me to match the leaders of my category, I would need to improve my times by 20%. However, I think most of us can conclude that power doesn't correlate very well with actual time in an event where there are...
  19. bbrauer

    Problems with recovery and delayed onset fatigue

    Let's see if anyone can give some input on this question? I have a friend I coach/give training advice to who offers some particular challenges to traditional training schedules. Specifically, she finds that she's the most tired and sore several days after a hard effort. This makes scheduling...
  20. bbrauer

    Starting/Managing a team/club

    For some time I've wanted to form a cycling team complete with sponsorship/team kit, etc. There are probably several ways to go about forming one and keeping financial records and transparency, but is there any advice available or resources I might check in to? What's a good way to go about...