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    Why no geared bikes on the track?

    Hi Dancenacabre, Brakes or no? It's a deeply personal preference. There are many fixed-gear riders who ride with front and rear brakes, or just the front brake. Entry-level track bikes and off-the-shelf street fixes usually come with brakes, or at least brake holes in the front fork.
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    Vietnam Mountain Cycling Tours 2012 - 2013

    Hi Indochina Bike, Wow! That sounds an intresting trip. Can you provide some more information about this tour so that i can spread this info amongst my friends as well.
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    Favorite Bike Tour?

    Hey BeingCre8tive, Try kerala, a relaxing ride along the beaches, the country roads and the backwaters.Meet the local people taste their delicious home made Keralan food, stay at their homes and enjoy nature at its best.
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    Cycling Training and Limiting Factors

    Hey Sam, I heard for the first time about cycling training.I would like to know more about this and what all clubs provide training .Thanks