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  1. Dutchw

    What Power Meter do you use?

    I'm trying NOT to buy one, and preserve my savings :rolleyes: But it gets tougher and tougher :D
  2. Dutchw

    Heart Rate Monitor Accuracy

    230+ seems unlikely but not impossible. An MHR of 200 is normal for your age group. A HR monitor also captures an " extrasystole", which could be happening in your case. I would go for an ECG just to be sure. Good idea anyway when you start cycling seriously
  3. Dutchw

    Too windy to TT ??

    Did a really windy TT the other week(incl cooling down so the avg is a little off) Bit weird to notice the speed "drop" to 53km/h and realize you gotta go faster :p Hardly managed 20mph on the way back. When I finished there was already a lot less wind. ETTT by tsteeg at Garmin Connect -...
  4. Dutchw

    wieght training and cycling

    The clear evidence of a direct relationship between weight training and cycling performance remains indeed to be seen. In a winter like we had in the northern hemisphere this past year, I do feel it makes sense by way of crosstraining. Due to the snow it was hard to go out for a run let alone...