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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Quote: Originally Posted by Houxty1 Christ on a bike!! My "other" bike has taken me to some most unlikely places. cool。。。。
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    Any info on this bike?

    good .. What about this ?
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    Tips on cycling in Australia or N Zealand in Dec

    interested in knowing of these thanks..
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    2013 Carbon Wheels

    HED---More lubrication, lighter, more aerodynamic design
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    Teny Rim wheels - UK stockists?

    3 SPOKES CARBON WHEEL .I think is better than that...
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    Cannondale or Specialized?

    This is the good bike... Cannondale and Specialized are just so so...
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    Is road cycling dangerous?

    no..If you obey the traffic rules。。。Do some protection。。 I think it's safety...
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    What about my bike ?
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    Best place to buy wheel online

    If you want to buy something online, really difficult. But if found the right person, it will bring you convenience
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    10 BEST ROAD BIKES - By Nick Davidson

    This is it ...
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    Upgrading my bike

    This is an unknown brand bike.. Riding with me for three years
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    Chinese Carbon Frames

    About 70% of the world's carbon fiber bicycle products are made in China.. The quality, only used to know There are many one-sided news about the China's carbon parts Any product has defective products. .Made in Anywhere also have defective products.. Measure of corporate is good or bad, can not...
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    Older 2008 carbon bike or newer 2012 slightly cheaper aluminium?

    I'd like newer 2012 slightly cheaper aluminium... This is new one ,,all the parts are new.... So if you still like the carbon ..then you can replace the wheels and the other parts you want ..
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    Seat posts Carbon seatposts ought to only be greased if you have unique carbon grease.

    Usually do not use normal grease upon any kind of carbon seatposts or even carbon seat tubes. Suggestion: There exists a new carbon grease (occasionally known as carbon paste) accessible that includes little particles therefore it protects as well as grips, however, unless you possess this...
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    How light is your bike? Poll!

    22KG It is about 20years ago。。。
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    Which is more important, a light bike or light body?

    I think is the light bike...
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    What is the mean of Yoeleo?
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    Need to buy new wheels. Which ones?

    Buy the wheels which are suitable for Yourself . I know some wheels store ,may be can help you 1) 2) 3)
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    What kind of the wheels do you want to buy? Just like the material and the size and so on You can link the URL ,may be can help you ..
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    Changing a bike seat - can I DIY it?

    the seat rails don't Easily be destroyed. About the question of torque,Not necessarily to use the torque spanner. Just make sure that fixed firmly enough.. My bike is assembled by myself.. Just with the wrenches and screwdrivers...