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  1. Froze

    Spam and other problems with cycling forums.

    What the heck is going on with Cycling Forums? Now I get responding to a thread message in my email like I always have received in the past only to click on it to find out it's some sort a "person" that has only 1 response and is instructing us on various topics, I get a lot of this, and I get...
  2. Froze

    Red cross is critically low on blood and plasma

    The Red Cross, and probably other similar agencies around the world, are in desperate need for blood and plasma, this is a national emergency and probably a world wide one. Please give ASAP. All of mankind will thank you!
  3. Froze

    Dropouts, forged or not?

    I had a car sideswipe me while on my touring bike that sent me into a curb and bent my fork on my very low miles almost new condition 85 Schwinn Le Tour Luxe and the fork is toast but somehow the front wheel survived as well as me even after flipping over the handlebars and landing on concrete...
  4. Froze

    Marukin m-410 road bike

    Ok, today I ran into a strange bike brand I've never heard of called the Marukin M-410 with Cyclone drivetrain. On the surface it seems like it should be a decent bike frame considering it came from the factory with Cyclone stuff, but I know absolutely nothing about the bike brand and the...
  5. Froze

    Fishing rod ideas for bike touring?

    I currently take a 4 piece fly rod when I go touring but I'm looking for something a bit shorter wondering if anyone has any ideas. I was thinking about a Emrod with some sort of spincasting reel. I tried a telescopic rod but the rod felt dead with very little sensitivity so I returned it.
  6. Froze

    90 miyata 914 for $350

    Another fine Japanese bike which should be selling for around $500, being a black bike I can't see the paint detail real well but it looks good. I own two older Miyata's and they are very nice bikes, all of mine are triple butted splined tubing as does this one which uses the same frame as the...
  7. Froze

    84 fuji club $350

    This is a really nice bike for sale located in Niles Michigan for $350. I haven't seen it in person so don't know what the overall condition is but the pics look good though there were some mars but nothing that stood out. It's an 84 Fuji Club, I own this same bike and it's the lightest steel...
  8. Froze

    84 centurion comp ta

    I posted this in the wrong spot earlier, I can't believe it's still for sale. This is NOT one of my bikes, but I saw it on Craigslist, it appears to be in average condition for it's age, pitted aluminum that I saw can be cleaned up, can't see enough of the paint detail to determine condition...
  9. Froze

    84 centurion comp ta, $75, vintage

    This is NOT one of my bikes, but I saw it on Craigslist, it appears to be in average condition for it's age, pitted aluminum that I saw can be cleaned up, can't see enough of the paint detail to determine condition. It was Centurions 2nd from the top of the line that year which offered Tange...
  10. Froze

    Funny news headlines

    "Florida man dies in meth lab explosion after lighting farts on fire.: Of course this headline is fake but it did get publicity as people thought it was real. So let's lighten the day and hear some more funny headlines.
  11. Froze

    Cannot access the forum using google.

    For some reason I cannot access this forum using Google, I can using Bing. I turned off all my ad blockers in Google, which I never had to do before, but that didn't work either. I get this message whenever I try Google: This site can’t be reached The webpage...
  12. Froze

    Cost for a race team

    I was going to post this over at the professional side but not too many people read that side so I thought I would post it here where it would get a bit more attention. I found out today that it now cost more than $42 million dollars a year to finance the top, SKY, professional cycling team...
  13. Froze

    Better deal alert: lynskey r350 $2,995

    Why buy some unknown generic Chinese made carbon fiber bike when you can get a Lynskey R350 titanium race bike made in America frame fully equipped with Shimano Ultegra components and a Enve 2.0 fork? No weird taxes or overseas shipping fees; see...
  14. Froze

    The feeling of owning a bike unique in the world is always an interesting feeling.

    I had to go to your website that you forgot to mention to see the bike. Personally, and this is strictly a personal opinion, others here will probably disagree with me, but I found the bike to be ugly. However to be honest, I've only found a couple of wooden bikes that looked halfway decent...
  15. Froze

    Which bike is right for you?

    What's the point to this statement other then you can copy a web site and post it? Then the web site is in error. Skinny road bike tires are not exclusive to long distance riding, many people ride long distances on wider tires; and is the web site suggesting that hybrids cannot be ridden...
  16. Froze

    SpareRoom (mughal888)

    The above site has a very poor rating due to vendor, reliablility, trust worthyness, and security which means they will spam you.
  17. Froze

    Products being sold

    Correct me if I'm wrong. I thought if anyone was selling products they had to list them in the Classified section, not on the forum, yet there is a bunch of stuff listed on the forum side. Just look at the unanswered post section.
  18. Froze

    Cyclist know how to cook

    Yada yada yada. Look man, if your burning more calories then your in-taking you will lose weight. You've gone way overboard with a bunch of web sites. And your post is so long no one will take the time to read it. Next time just post 2 or 3 of those paragraphs, wait for some responses, then...
  19. Froze

    BCA bike?

    I wish they had a vintage post here, so I've got a question and I'm posting it here. I saw a touring bike on Craigslist (no pic though) made by a now defunct American company out of PA called a BCA, Bicycle Company of America. I did some internet searching but couldn't find much other then...
  20. Froze

    Business Feng Shui consultation

    What a bunch of hooey. What amazes me is that we can't believe that God created the universe, earth and man but we can buy into Feng Shui! humans are weird.