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    Considering a trike?

    I test rode a tadpole trike a few years ago and it felt amazing! I was doing some big circles in a church parking lot and I was able to build up some pretty good speed. I wanted to see how fast I could corner and ended up going up on two wheels. It was a neat feeling but I didn't do it again...
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    Storck Fenomalist UD Carbon 55cm

    Hey Steve, Thanks for posting the rest of the Storck Information. I just can not come up with the funds to build up this frame. I bought it thinking I could but College is rough on the bankbook.
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    Newbie-to-Full-Suspension questions . . .

    During technical riding it's best to stand and let the bike "float" underneath you, allowing your bent knees to absorb the bumps. When I'm "floating" I like to have my seat lower so I don't get bumped by the seat. During climbs I like to have a taller seat post. This allows for full and powerful...
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    Storck Fenomalist UD Carbon 55cm

    I have a Storck Fenomalist UD Carbon for frame and fork for sale. It is fully carbon and size 55cm. It is new in box and never used. if interested shoot me an email. Originally $3,650 asking $3000 obo plus shipping.