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  1. Acrimony

    Vintage australian bikes wanted

    Have an old track frame here, at a guess i'd say its from the 1950's. On the head tube are 2 fern leaves with a W in between. No one has been able to tell me what brand that is. anyone got any ideas?
  2. Acrimony

    Leggera bikes???

  3. Acrimony

    Leggera bikes??? The site takes a bit of navigating, but I think the Piuma is the Carbon SL 4000, (double check on that before ordering) which costs 2699 euro (under $4500) with full Dura-ace. Keep in mind the 5% duty and 10% GST that...
  4. Acrimony

    Does a good carbon frame last longer than Aluminum?

    Maybe you should actually look at the application of CF in the aerospace industry. When it is actually used as a structural material, it is almost always used where there are no compressive or torsional forces, and generally designed to be easily replacable. Carbon monocot frame structures in...
  5. Acrimony

    Does a good carbon frame last longer than Aluminum?

    Its really just usage, corrosion of the steel aside. UV light will start to break down the resin in carbon (like it fades the decals), but really this effect is pretty minimal and it usually needs a lot of exposure, at worst you might get a slight discoloration of the laqueur (usually goes a bit...
  6. Acrimony

    Does a good carbon frame last longer than Aluminum?

    I doesn't mean that your CF bike wont be any good after 2 yrs, its just then that the linear degradation of the resin starts to climb more rapidly. And whn i say 2 yrs, i mean 2 yrs of 20000km +, including racing. Chances are you wont notice your frame being feeling any different. If you jumped...
  7. Acrimony

    Does a good carbon frame last longer than Aluminum?

    Ok, I'm only buying into this because there is more BS being said in here than in parliment. Here are the facts, dispute them as you like. Carbon Fibre - Think of it like a piece of string, only has strength in one direction, in tension ie pulling on each end. you push on it from any direction...
  8. Acrimony

    Leggera bikes???

    I agree, there is no shame in producing a frame in china, Cervelo are a good example. However I do have a problem with companies that try to hide where their frames are made. Italian names, a decal that says 'hand built in australia', why try and mislead the public about their frames if they are...
  9. Acrimony

    Leggera bikes???

  10. Acrimony

    Learsport, are they any good?

    Duratec frames are custom frames handmade in the Czech republic. I have one after having a friend bring it back from czech and it is one of the best bike I have ever ridden. Easily the best value for money custom frame around, better than any of the local frame builders can make, and I have just...
  11. Acrimony

    Best bike shop in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland

    Best shop definitely has to be John's on the gold coast. He has the largest range of italian brands and is willing to spend as much time necessary to ensure you get the right bike and position. Its well worth the drive from Bris if you are serious about getting a good road bike that is...
  12. Acrimony

    who makes Carrera?

  13. Acrimony

    who makes Carrera?

    Halfords Carrera's are not real Carrera's, they are allowed to use the name but only after several court cases and a legal loophole. The bikes Halfords have are cheap tiawanese **** and would come out of the same factories as any other cheap brand. However, the real Carrera's, like Pantani...
  14. Acrimony

    Selcof Biposition

    I've somehow managed to break the top bracket on my selcof biposition seatpost. The seatpost itself is fine, but I can't get a replacement bracket for it. Have tried both the importers for selcof in australia who claim they can't get replacement parts in, and selcof themselves haven't replied to...
  15. Acrimony

    Take that Schuey and Lance!

    "I consider that sport is a competition in which a men counts for more than half, and that half is equal for all men. If I got into a Ferrari, after two hours I would do better times than most other drivers." Yeah, i think cycling takes more hard work to make it to the top tha F1 driving does...