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  1. elvisish

    What Muscle Groups Should I Train To Make Bicycling Uphill Easier?

    I would try riding slowly at first to warm up and wait a good 10-15 mins of mid tempo riding before trying taking it even a mild hill/slope, if possible. That way your leg muscles have a good chance to warm up before any real strenuous exercise. Perhaps even do some stretches once you get home...
  2. elvisish

    how do you relax after a ride?

    Usually pretty tired after a ride, so probably come home, sit down, sometimes fall asleep, sometimes play a PC game and listen to some music :P And drink plenty of water and have something to eat, cos I'm usually pretty hungry too!
  3. elvisish

    How Do You Listen To Your Music When Cycling?

    I have an iPhone holder that I attach to my handle bar and use a travel speaker with an mp3 player, and it sits nice and securely in there with the help of rubber bands :P I don't like the idea of wearing earbuds or headphones whilst cycling as I like to hear my surroundings, but having a...
  4. elvisish

    Ebay Rechargeable Headlights- Do They Work?

    Interesting in trying some. I really like rechargeble devices and batteries as its cheaper and more enviromentally friendly I feel. My LED lights usually go through batteries quite a bit during the winter months. Found these on eBay, look pretty good, think I'll get a set and see how it takes me...
  5. elvisish

    What Should I Eat?

    Just try and stick to good meals and healthy snacks. Plenty of carbs and protein, vegetable proteins mainly and good wholesome carbs from vegetables and whole grains. And as for snacks, things like salads, fruit and even dark chocolate for energy. Plenty of water and even homemade...
  6. elvisish

    Are brand names important or are they not?

    Very interesting to read that, I presumed they were all made on the cheap in China, etc. but interesting to see which ones are still made up to a higher standard.
  7. elvisish

    I JUST got robbed in a Starbucks

    I know this is from a few years ago, but me thinks someone was trying to promote their song :rolleyes: It may have happened, but I think that was why they were spamming it in all forums. Still, in New York its probably not a smart idea to leave a laptop at a table and walk off, I mean I...
  8. elvisish

    Out Of Saddle Or In Saddle On Climbs?

    I tend to sit when riding steep climbs. I live in Lincoln UK and although there is lots of flat area in the countryside, if you go into town its a really steep grade to get back to where I live! All the hills up are a pretty good climb so when doing that I do tend to stay in the saddle, just...
  9. elvisish

    First Time Falling Clipped In

    Did it the other day! Waiting to cross at traffic light, the pavement and road was wet and as I set off, the bike decided to slip out from under me! The cars waiting to drive past barely gave me time to get my self up and to add insult, they didn't let me get to the other side of the road so I...
  10. elvisish

    A bee in your bonnet...

    Wow, thats awful, I don't what I'd do in that situation! :D At least you didn't get stung, that would have just finished it off! :)
  11. elvisish

    What Is The Farthest You've Ever Biked?

    I have never been really far, I love cycling but get tired and sore sitting on a bike for more than 2-3 hours at a time! But probably the longest was a 20 mile round trip :) Very rewarding once completed though!
  12. elvisish

    Carrying Water

    Yeah definitely! I always get thirsty during exercise, and especially in the summer, I have one of those exercise style bottles and just slip it on the end of the handle bars, I need to get a bottle holder attached at some point :P
  13. elvisish

    When Is A Big Belly Considered Evil?

    Its definitely true that fat itself can cause problems as it puts stress on your bones and your heart. It can be uncomfortable physically as well, however the particular things you eat and smoking and drinking will increase health risks considerably over than if you were just overweight. :)
  14. elvisish

    I Think We Need To Bring Back Bicycle Bells

    I think bells are a good idea, and over here in the UK I think all bikes still come with one. I personally prefer the horn as it can be heard over cars and even if people have earbuds in or headphones on :) Plus it gives a nice retro look to my bike! :D
  15. elvisish

    A Good Breakfast For Cyclists

    Definitely something rich in carbs and protein :D I often have a couple of slices of whole wheat toast with margarine (I'm vegan), and a bowl of cornflakes with milk and a glass of orange juice. Seems to keep me going well and its not so heavy that it weighs me down, but gives the right amount...
  16. elvisish

    what made you start biking?

    Most of my riding is fairly casual and for leisure but I love riding short and long distances. Started riding when I was a kid and have never stopped! Always had a bike in the garage cos its great fun, great exercise and great for commuting. :)
  17. elvisish

    Nightime Ride Paranormal Sightings.

    Saw two floating red orbs in the distance once, and when I got closer to the area where they were, I couldn't see anything that could have caused them.. that was a little weird! You do hear about these things dont you though, so could have been supernatural! Also not supernatural but still...
  18. elvisish

    Riding With Prescription Glasses / Sunglasses?

    I wear my prescription regular glasses or if its sunny, I have a pair of prescription sunglasses (not the professional cyclist kind just regular). I get all my glasses from Glasses Direct, they have a lot of variety! :D
  19. elvisish

    Do you ride in the cold?

    Yes! To work and for pleasure :D Not if its snowing though cos it can be dangerous, although I have done it at times, but if its just really cold then it layer on the gloves and hats and hope for the best!
  20. elvisish

    What Is Your Alternative Activity For Cycling?

    Walking my two dogs is a great activity, also I have a running machine that I use at home and also a little casual tennis with a friend :)