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  1. dvnjhn

    cycling in europe

    In Britain you require to book your bike on trains in advance or you risk not being able to take it on. I believe mainland Europe is more cycle friendly, but wether you can just hop on with your bike I do not know.
  2. dvnjhn

    Replacement bolts for a Scott Genius 40 rear suspension

    Hi guys. I recently got a second hand Scott Genius but unfortunatly the rearswing arm bolts are completely rusted. Does any one know where I can get replacements.
  3. dvnjhn

    Replacement bolts for a Scott Genius 40

    Hi. I managed to get a Scott Genius 6 months ago. Unfortunatly the majority of the bolts on the rear swing arm are rusted and I am looking to replace these. Any help is appreciated. I will gladly pay for the replacements.
  4. dvnjhn

    Long time Roadie, soon to start MTBing?

    If your going to be doing more cross country cycling I would recommend a hardtail to start. Wheel size, well thats your preference. Possibly look for a few discussions on what the benefits are for the 29rs... If your buying a second hand frame, just look closely at the photos and when you...
  5. dvnjhn

    lower back pain on hill climbs?

    I used to suffer a lot from sholder and lower back pain. I changed my stem to a much shorter one. Problem (for me) solved.
  6. dvnjhn

    Beginner looking for a lot of HELP

    Hey. First find out what size of bike will suit. Then scour the internet for a decent hardtail that has good components. You may wish to stay away from the big names as alot of independant bike makers offer the same quality frames with better components. If you find out your size and...
  7. dvnjhn

    MTB Converted to commuter

    I have always found my mtb a slog to commute with. If your serious about commuting you should purchase a cheap hybrid bike. I found it made such a difference. I also own a Road bike, which I hate cycling about the town in. Its easier and faster, but much more easy to crash in difficult...
  8. dvnjhn

    What kind of bike do you have?

    A 2006 Scott Genius. I purchased it 3 months ago of ebay for £675. It is my dream bike. My mate owned one 3yrs ago, and I fell in love with it instantly. I have upgraded the wheels and groupset to Shimano Deore XT.
  9. dvnjhn

    Transition from Mtn/ Hybrid to road bike

    I found the main difference in chainging from Mb to road is that is seems more aerobic in riding. Its not so much crunch through your gears and heavy pedling, to more finding a good relaxed easy rythm which you can stick with. The only way I could suggest in trying to experience it is to cycle...
  10. dvnjhn

    Cycling around York.

    Hey guys & gals. Next year I am thinking of a four day break down south around the Yorkshire area. I am going with a couple of friends and we are looking for recommendations of any towns that we should consider staying in that will allow us to do a few good rides, but be varied in the places...
  11. dvnjhn

    My first 31.52 mile ride

    First off well done on completing your first 30 mile plus ride. Similar to yourself I had never really been into road biking until about 2 months ago. My first ride was about 13 miles around Edinburgh and I try to go back to the small fishing village that I come from every couple of weeks...
  12. dvnjhn

    Removing stickers from your bike.

    Believe me in the area I live in if I left the my bike outside the rain would be the last thing I would be worrying about;). Its all good, I usually extensivly clean my mountain bike after every ride and lock it away in my shed. I will defo be trying to keep this up with my road bike. Thanks...
  13. dvnjhn

    Removing stickers from your bike.

    Ah, thanks. I kind of thought that putting WD40 on the paint would mabey corode it. Will try the hair dryer when it stops raining in Sunny Scotland.
  14. dvnjhn

    Removing stickers from your bike.

    Hey guys. Just got a new bike and its covered in shop stickers. What is the best way to remove these. Someone suggested WD40 - but I dont want to try it unless I am certain that this will work. Thanks
  15. dvnjhn

    Your Embarrassing Cycling Moments

    Three years ago when I decided to cut down from my 15.5 stone in weight I started to commute to work. Unfortunatly I only lived 100 yards from my old work place. I started cycling along a cycle path that is close to my house, down to the water front and back to my work every morning which was...
  16. dvnjhn

    Crossing over to the dark side.

    That specialised does look sweet, but for some reason (although I know they are great bikes) I do not like specialised bikes.
  17. dvnjhn

    Crossing over to the dark side.

    No I have not ridden any of them, I suppose I could have worded my question about them a little better, but you seem to have answered it. I was really wondering if the specs on all these bikes seem good, and just checking that there is not something that I have missed on them. Thanks for...
  18. dvnjhn

    Crossing over to the dark side.

    Hey guys. I aint posted on this forum in a few years but I am looking for a little help in getting started in road cycling. I generally mountain bike for fun (and why not living in Scotland) but I have had to give up my fitness running due to arthritus. While I love to mountain bike, its not...
  19. dvnjhn

    Caught in the Rain

    When I mountain bike, the weather here in Scotland is always raining.
  20. dvnjhn

    Take time to stop!!!

    After a long day studying at the university library - I was cycling home. Only a mile into my 7-mile cycle, a flat back tyre occurred (due to myself hitting a kerb to hard). After removing my innertube to quickly insert one of my two spares - I noticed the inner tubes I had brought with me...