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  1. acpinto

    Liberty seguros

    i didn't speak only about cycling but about all sports. How much of the dirty money is used to pay doping doctoors and pharmacos. The money can never be in the book of the organization, i supose. So either is ta ken through the salaries of the cyclists or never enter the organisation and is...
  2. acpinto

    2009 Vuelta a España Stage 19: Ávila - La Granja. Real Fábrica de Cristales, 179.8km

    Valverde has won the vuelta today. 16'' form bonus to confirm the title. Only a very bad ITT would lost him the vuelta 2009
  3. acpinto

    Liberty seguros

    1st of all- Another portuguese cycling team is being dismantled. 2nd - This time 3 of their riders tested positive for CERA. 3rd - one of them won the portuguese volta. Nuno Ribeiro. 4th - you shoul remember Nuno because he was one liberty rider ( manolo sainz ),i can't remember the other...
  4. acpinto

    Patrik Sinkewitz

    he Looks very strong. In every stage that counts he appears to be strong. I think he as high probability of winning these year " Volta a portugal" As i remember he is a good ITT, and better than anyone in front of him. If he can make a good climb to the "Torre" ( Portuguese for Tower) he...
  5. acpinto

    Broken Omerta

    They are they not me because i treat it equally. I'm against all the newspaper for leting nadal breathe. He is another big doper. But you're right i din't want to make a big deal out of it. That i'm doing on other forums. It was just to inform people here.
  6. acpinto

    Broken Omerta in portuguese
  7. acpinto

    Broken Omerta

    A football (soccer) player has told the doping was substencial in his carreer. It was not totally broken because he choosed to leave the 3 big portuguese clubs ( and he played in everyone of it ) out of the story... Finnaly football his implicated, hope that from now they treat football the...
  8. acpinto

    Paris-Nice Predictions

    If you read my post you could realise that the 1st paragraph was written with humor. I start the 2nd with "in a serious tone". David Blanco has won 2 times the "tour of portugal" the correct name in portuguese is "volta a Portugal" David Blanco has you might recall was a Communitat...
  9. acpinto

    Paris-Nice Predictions

    It is uncall for. Portugal does the same amount of effort as Spain or America or Australia to caught cycling cheats, or if you want sport cheats. Now in a serious tone. Portugal has managed to remove their top team. LA-MSS last year. They ( the Police ) did a search and found Transfusion...
  10. acpinto

    portuguese doping

    this happened 2 or 3 weeks ago but i was trying to get more material to write this thread. but as usual in portugal when it comes to doping they only mention who get caught and nothing more. The News, and i don't know if you guys are aware of it, is that the Team LA-MSS was caught with...
  11. acpinto

    Fuentes history

    Yesterday i read a thing that makes me believe this is just a farce. UCI is worried that some of the analysis carried on portuguese and spanish riders has given the impression that they might be blood dopping. The same report said that the portuguese federation will improve their quantity...
  12. acpinto

    Three Non-negatives from the Giro

    The problem with TUE was well pointed out by the french in the Beloki case. What is a justified TUE? For the spanish was, for the french wasn´t!
  13. acpinto

    T-Mobile starts to implode!

    Ah, i´m sure bubka never doped:) . Anyway and lance and the time trial gold medalist( russian from US POstal, forgot his name), will kept their medals?
  14. acpinto

    Ulrich, apparent doper

    Well i´m aware that probably in the next 2 months cycling world will have a huge decrease. The cycling world is in suspense from a reaction from Ulle. Will he be the one to brake the "omerta". The cycling worls left him alone so why shouldn´t he... Maybee they start to make less money...
  15. acpinto

    Nike drops cycling

    nike ends cycling connection. Next day Ulle blood is matched. An inside tip? I think yes.
  16. acpinto

    Whats new with Ullrich?

    I just read on the other thread the conspiracy issue raised by his lawyers. Can they explain how the bags have blood that matched the Ullrich blood?
  17. acpinto

    Whats new with Ullrich?

    Well it´s a surprise to me! I would expect Ulle dope but not at the same doctor than Basso. Maybee Basso didn´t doped at Fuentes. Anyway, i was aiming to a spanish hoax or conspiracy. I would expected Chechini with ulle, but then again, chechini did cooperate with Fuentes. Well as i´m...
  18. acpinto

    2007 season will be war and its started

    This thing reminds me of handball in portugal. In 2003 ( i think ) the teams created the league the federation didn´t wanted them to do that. So the best teams went to the league and the federation formed is own division. The federation didn´t allow our best teams to enter europe...
  19. acpinto

    Landis' stage 17 explained by Dr. Allen Lim

    I was going to make a reply, but i couldn´t stop laughing.
  20. acpinto

    You were all warned---They all use drugs!

    And Nadal? Very musculated and very good indurance! Suspicious? i think so.