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  1. Laggard

    Ag2r/ Have they named their TdF lineup?

    Mikel Astarloza, Sylvain Calzati, Samuel Dumoulin, Simon Gerrans, Stéphane Goubert, Yuriy Krivtsov, Jean-Patrick Nazon, Nicolas Portal and Ludovic Turpin
  2. Laggard

    Anybody won the Giro-Tour-Vuelta the same year?

    GIRO / VUELTA WINS IN ONE YEAR 1973 Eddy Merckx 1981 Giovanni Battaglin TOUR / GIRO WINS IN ONE YEAR 1949 Fausto Coppi, 1952 Fausto Coppi, 1964 Jacques Anquetil 1970 Eddy Merckx 1972 Eddy Merckx 1974 Eddy Merckx 1982 Bernard Hinault 1985 Bernard Hinault 1987 Stephen Roche...
  3. Laggard

    Tour de Romandie

    Agreed. Contador is having a true breakthrough year. Give him a couple more healthy years to develop and he's a top-10 TDF or Giro contender.
  4. Laggard

    Another unexpected big Phonak result! hmmm...

    Shut up, Flyer. Why do you hate cycling so?
  5. Laggard

    Another unexpected big Phonak result! hmmm...

    Yep. No big surprise here.
  6. Laggard

    Armstrong upstaged by his teammate?

    I respectfully but vehemently disagree. The guy's almost 30, has won 7 races in his career and has never finished higher than 23rd at the TDF. He's shown nothing that would make one believe that this year will be any different. The TDG is NOT the TDF.
  7. Laggard

    What do Voigt and Hincapie have in common?

    There was no way Hincapie was going to drop Boonen. No way. It simply would not happen. Hincapie could have attacked until the cows came home but Boonen would have just stuck to him. At Liege, Vino looked to be the more rested of the two. It seemed to me that Voigt simply didn't have the...
  8. Laggard

    Roche's C.E.R.A.; Blood fuel for Champs!

    Shut up, Flyer.
  9. Laggard

    Roche's C.E.R.A.; Blood fuel for Champs!

    Shut up, Flyer.
  10. Laggard

    Roche's C.E.R.A.; Blood fuel for Champs!

    Shut up, Flyer.
  11. Laggard

    Danilo Di Luca & David Rebellin

    This is so fu*king stupid. What the hell is wrong with you, Flyer?
  12. Laggard

    Lance on Tyler's Suspension

    Enough about the damn doping. :mad: LBL is this weekend. DiLuca?
  13. Laggard

    La Fleche Wallonne

    Hincapie's looking good. :rolleyes:
  14. Laggard

    Amstel Gold Race

    Good call. Go Georgie!! :o
  15. Laggard

    Amstel Gold Race

    I wouldn't even consider George a favorite for races like Paris Roubaix or Flanders. Why? Because he rarely wins races. This is a race for Rebellin, Bettin, Valvarde, Vino and Boogerd.
  16. Laggard

    Amstel Gold Race

    Someone voted for Hincapie? George could enter a marathon against the top Kenyan and Ethiopean runners and someone would still vote for him.
  17. Laggard

    When Lance goes...

    When Lance retires, will the 99ers retire with him?
  18. Laggard

    Boonen wins Paris-Roubaix

    Well duh. What's your point? Are grand tours the be all and end all of cycling?
  19. Laggard

    Boonen wins Paris-Roubaix

    Boonen will win LBL some day. Merckx has said lots of things. Not all of them come true.
  20. Laggard

    Boonen wins Paris-Roubaix

    He knew his potential. Hell, everyone knew his potential. That he was one day going to be a great rider was of no surprise to anyone. He had no choice but to leave a team that is dedicated to only the TDF. And loyalty? A rider of his talent is loyal to no one but himself.