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  1. mocka58

    Tour de Romandie

    Check out Cadel's website, there are plenty of photos of her there.:p
  2. mocka58

    Freedom Of Speech

    I'm not really sure what point you are trying to make. If you are trying to put down Christianity because of a perceived slight against Islam then say so. I don't practice any religion exactly because of the loonies who preach this sort of rubbish. As for the Crusades, well it happened a...
  3. mocka58

    What JU should do to try and win TdF 06

    He raced all throught the year too and won on all terrain. We all know he was a great one day rider but he won the Tour of Spain and I could be wrong but I think he won a Grand Prix des Nation time trial too (I think that's what it was called) beating all the best time triallists in the world!
  4. mocka58

    Freedom Of Speech

    I work with quite a few Arab and Pakistani men and and most of them are pretty good guys. Get them started on religion or politics though and they start to turn a different colour! Some of the narrow minded,bigoted,parochial, stuff they come out with is just plain scary! And these are the...
  5. mocka58

    How dumb is the Australian Road Championship?

    It's supposed to be the Australian 'open' championship. If that's the case then Walker should get the title. They can't suddenly decide after the race that it's two separate races, an under 23 event and an elite event. If that's the case they should be run separately. They should have known that...
  6. mocka58

    civil unrest in australia...what gives?

    With all due respect you are totally wrong. I don't know how this has played in the press overseas but it's certainly not to do with mods and rockers. I assure you race has everything to do with it. When a car load of youths of 'middle eastern appearance' ask an innocent person putting their...
  7. mocka58

    civil unrest in australia...what gives?

    Three volunteer lifeguards were told by a Lebenese gang that it was their beach and the lifesavers were not welcome. When they didn't leave they were bashed. One of then was 15 years old. It's something that's been happening regularly and the locals were fed up with up with it and that led to...
  8. mocka58

    civil unrest in australia...what gives?

    It's not a matter of being racist, it's a matter of fact. There has been a problem with gangs of youths of Lebanese descent in Sydney for nearly 20 years and for all that time politicians and the police have been too timid to do anything about it for fear of being labelled racists. These gangs...
  9. mocka58

    Best British Rider Ever :

    He never falsely proclaimed he was clean, he just tried to hide the fact he was a cheat and paid the price.
  10. mocka58

    Can cycling lead to a reduced life expectancy?

    Reduced life expectancy may have more to do with stuff the pros inject into themselves than the stress of cycling itself.
  11. mocka58

    Mechanical failiure...

    I think 'bonking' when used in this regard may be an American expression. It has always been called 'hunger flat' in Australia, at least the years I've been riding. It's the worst feeling in the world especially if you are still some way from home.
  12. mocka58

    World Championships

    I think the world title road race has lost a lot of prestige in the last decade or so. I would prefer to see it raced in late August as it used to be. When was the last time a grand tour contender was World Champion? Olano? That must be 10 or so years ago. The days of the tour riders mixing it...
  13. mocka58

    Tour De Internationale

    Phil Anderson finished 5th in 1985 so you could probably should have left Evans in your revised top ten.
  14. mocka58

    Lance ****** at Evans???

    This incident has already been blown out of proportion but I'm going to have to disagree with you on this notion of 'respect'. Evans followed the move, it was only a five kilo climb and took the sprint. Why Armstrong felt like wasting his breath or was annoyed at a guy who is 9 minutes behind...
  15. mocka58

    Lance ****** at Evans???

    Wow! I went to bed and when I get up the thread has turned into a battleground! It appears Evans was asked by the media what Lance said and he told them. He didn't make a big deal out of it. Others did that. He didn't even mention it on his website diary. I'm not anti-Lance, in fact I'm far...
  16. mocka58

    Lance ****** at Evans???

    It was for 11th place for godssake. Lance is a great champion. He surely shouldn't begrudge the lesser lights a few of the crumbs that fall from the table.
  17. mocka58

    Lance ****** at Evans???

    That's the biggest load of **** I've ever read! Evans had every right to do what he did. Hincapie sat on for 200km and Armstrong had nothing to say about that. Ten years ago Johan Bruyneel sat on Miguel Indurain for 50km and outsprinted him for a stage win. He never went to the front once and...
  18. mocka58

    Tributes to a cyclist

    Yeah, absolutely. Great post. I'm sure many of us for whom cycling has been a lifelong passion have known someone who has been killed or badly injured in an accident of this nature. Those who have survived will have physical and mental scars for the rest of their lives. I've seen how an accident...
  19. mocka58

    Who is he?

    I heard that Robbie McEwan has bought a helmet just like that.
  20. mocka58

    Two TDF being contested?

    I think the French are just grasping at straws trying to explain their lack of success in recent years. McGee and Cooke com out of the AIS track team so their credibility is not good. I don't know anything about French cycling but there could be a variety of reasons why they can't produce great...