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  1. dennisg

    Camelbak MULE 2002 vs 2003

    I've got a '02, and I've looked at the '03s in the store. Aside from new colors, I don't see any difference. By the way, I've been using a Mule for about 8 years. Absolutely a great hydration system. Plus, I no longer have to carry my mini pump, tools, or spare tube on the bike.
  2. dennisg

    tour de france : scandalous

    In an interview, Lance admitted that it was his own mistake. He was riding too close to the side.
  3. dennisg

    "Alas, poor Yoric, I knew him well..."

    Consider this: have the bike repaired AND get a new bike. As you said, the bike has provided thousands of miles of faithful service. There's still a lot of life left in it. So why not have it repair, then donate it to a Boys & Girls Club, or something like that. It's a great way to help...
  4. dennisg

    The most comfortable seat I've had was...? (For roadies)

    I'm not surprised that you don't the meaning of "confer" and "discourse," but you're apparently all too familiar with "arrogance" and "narcissism."
  5. dennisg

    The most comfortable seat I've had was...? (For roadies)

    Ryan, I've been reading (and respecting) your posts for months now, but I think you're off base here. Someone's success in an endeavor doesn't confer upon them the right to treat the rest of society with contempt, and not suffer the consequences. The more we tell famous or successful people...
  6. dennisg

    flight deck

    I use the 6501 wireless model and am extremely impressed with it. It seems to be very reliable and accurate. The fact that Shimano is coming out with a 10-speed D-A gruppo got me thinking about the Flight Deck, and the fact that they probably need to upgrade it in order to accommodate the...
  7. dennisg

    Is Wellgo fully SPD compatible?

    I have a pair of Shimano 959s on one bike, and I'd like to put a cheaper pedal on my other bike. But I want to make sure they both use the same cleats. The question is this: Are any Wellgo MTB pedals fully SPD compatible? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. dennisg

    Easton Carbon seat post beware

    Is it possible your friend over-tightened the binder bolt? - Dennis in Seattle
  9. dennisg

    Shimano Pedals M959 vs M858

    Now that I reread my post, I can see that's a bit unclear. I meant I just bought a pair of 959s for $99.
  10. dennisg

    Shimano Pedals M959 vs M858

    As I recall, the 858s were heavy and didn't shed mud particularly well, so they weren't around very long. They were a (failed) interlude between the 747s and 959s. By the way, I just bought a pair of them from for $99. Can't beat that. Great pedals.
  11. dennisg

    Burke Gilman Trail --- ) Ballard Link

    I think having the B-G trail run through Ballard is a lot better than NOT having a trail running through Ballard. Cyclists will be a lot safer on the trail than they would on the streets.
  12. dennisg

    Which is the better bicycle company?

    Since you mentioned Raleigh, you might be interested in a very sour experience I had with them. About three years ago, I wanted to buy my wife a birthday present, so I went to my LBS and bought a Raleigh hybrid. My wife is small, and they didn't have her size on the floor, so I stood there and...
  13. dennisg

    Thule Big Mouth bike rack bending

    Since this is the second Thule Big Mouth you've had this problem with, I would tend to suspect pilot error. I have two Big Mouths installed on my car, and haven't had that problem with either one.
  14. dennisg

    TWENTY (20) days my life is so empty I have no interests outside my little catalog order

    That's one of the funniest things I've read on this forum. How tragic that it's so relevent.
  15. dennisg

    EIGHTEEN (18) days delivery from Performance Bikes

    You don't get it, Michael. By posting every single day -- in multiple newsgroups -- you're not doing us any favors. We loathe you. You've undermined your entire intention by making us sympathetic to Performance. And you still can't see it, because all you're focussed on is yourself, and not...
  16. dennisg

    EIGHTEEN (18) days delivery from Performance Bikes

    Michael is one of these guys who would rather curse the darkness than simply turn on a light. You make it obvious by your propensity to whine combined with your refusal to take any really meaningful steps toward resolution, Michael, that you would rather this situation doesn't get resolved...
  17. dennisg

    Flight Deck confustion

    Can someone please explain to me why there is a distance function that's activated by Button A and a distance function (STW) activated by Button B? What's the difference between the two of them? Also, why would the computer display MPH but not distance? Obviously, the sensor is working and...
  18. dennisg

    THIRTEEN daysdelivery Performance Bikes

    The only thing more annoying than waiting a long time for a Performance order is being subjected to your endless stream of emails on the subject. It was enough when you posted your sad story the first time. I was with you then. But you completely lost me when you posted it multiple times in...
  19. dennisg

    crazy computer

    I've had weird things happen to computers when water somehow seeped underneath the computer and managed to cause a short between the connecting terminals. If the other advice you're getting doesn't fix the problem, take off the computer and wipe down the terminals.
  20. dennisg

    Prescription glasses question

    Andy, For years I used Bolles with Rx inserts -- but they were incredibly heavy and prone to fogging up between the two lenses, which made them almost impossible to wipe while I was on the bike. I finally went to Lens Crafters and got a great pair of Ray Ban frames fitted with bifocal...