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  1. frey

    Mountain Pedals vs. Road Pedals

    Road pedals don't have a disadvantage with clearance, they're actually thinner than mtb ones, and have chamfered edges to help. Bear in mind that road bikes are lower than mtbs so this would cause problems otherwise. The benefits to road pedals are that they offer a more stable platform for...
  2. frey

    Road bike on mountain?

    Road bikes don't go on dirt, at a push cyclocross ones will but even they're uncomfortable on it. Mountain bikes go on dirt and road, and the light ones will do a good job on both. A mountain bike with road tyres can keep up with roadies if they're not working too hard...
  3. frey

    help an fat tyre rider

    Hi all, me and my wife are, or I should say, were mountain bikers, but some evil idiot just stole both our mountain bikes. Anyway, not to dwell on that, we've not really been doing much off-roading recently anyway, and so we've decided to make the move to thin tyres. Now we're not new to bikes...
  4. frey

    Cheapest COUNTRY to sell MTBs

    Errm everything? Look at your housing market mate, then look at your food costs, then look at the cost of petrol. Ah ha ha ha, you have such a pitiful idea of how good your state of affairs is. You think Malaysia is so great, go live there, and find out first hand why they don't have the...
  5. frey

    Cheapest COUNTRY to sell MTBs

    Apart from perhaps the sun, the beaches, the ludicrously low cost of living, cheap fuel, cheap housing, beautiful countryside, and the UN's highest standard of living in the world! Interstingly bike prices in Aus are very similar to those in the UK, some are a little more, some a little less...
  6. frey

    Cadence Sensors on MTB?

    Not sure about bikes with rear suspension, my wife runs a Cateye Astrale 8 on her Cannondale hardtail and it works really well. But the sensor is on the chainstay, not sure about mounting it on the seat tube....
  7. frey

    Cheapest COUNTRY to sell MTBs

    Definitely America for cheapest bikes, check out Europe has some bargains on bikes which are made there, like Sunn and Rotwild, but still America dominates, especially on American brands like Specialized, Cannondale etc... Maybe Canada could be interesting...
  8. frey

    Which forks to chose?

    I'd suggest the Pilot out of those 2. The tests I've seen of the higher end pilots suggest that Rock Shox might have done themselves a disservice by making this fork too near to the SID. Definitely a bargain... :)
  9. frey

    Do Mt. Bikers Ski or Board?

    I board, I found it easier to learn. Am really interested in telemark skiing though, looks excellent on the piste, apparently it's a bit tough to learn but hell, still looks cool
  10. frey

    cannondale or gary fisher?

    When I said they turn more slowly, I meant they steer more slowly :)
  11. frey

    cannondale or gary fisher?

    I'd take the Cannondale. It'll probably be expensive, they usually are, but they are incredibly well made and it'll be very light. Worth noting that the Badboy doesn't use suspension, which'll make it lighter, but could be an issue if you plan on taking it over anything seriously bumpy. But for...
  12. frey

    Fisher Hardtail or Full Suspension?

    I've not actually heard anything but good stuff about Manitou's new forks, but I might have missed something :) Had a look at Fisher's website and all those bikes look pretty well sorted to me. I would go full sus, but that's just my personal bias, if you don't have one now then maybe it'd be a...
  13. frey

    truvativ or shimano...I NEED HELP ERE

    Truvativ make decent kit and are being used by loads of manufacturers on their bikes because of it. They're also good value, as you've found out. So no real downside to them. The argument really is if the benefits of the XT one is worth the extra. Certainly for the money the XT is an awesome...
  14. frey

    Upgrade forks on 1998 Trek 7000??

    To measure them you have to take the fork out of the frame, and put a caliper round the part that would normally be hidden within the frame. You could also email Trek, they have a good service bunch and will probably be able to tell you. That or take it into a bike shop, who'll probably be able...
  15. frey

    Is this a good bike for me?

    Both bikes are good, have read really good reviews of the second one (the full suspension one). Although it is true that you'll pay for that rear suspension, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you like the way it looks, rides, feels, then buy it... :)
  16. frey

    "No Refund" policy at ATA Cycles in MA

    Surely if there's nothing wrong with the product then they have no obligation to take it back? Basically you bought the wrong thing, it's not their fault, it's just a courtesy if they offer a refund without an actual defect. Judging by your attitude towards Kokopuff, who was after all trying to...
  17. frey

    help with weight

    I'm not familiar with your bike but if you want the easiest and best value way to lighten it then it's often in the wheels. Just putting a decent set of kevlar tyres on will take loads of weight (quite possibly 200g per tyre!) off most bikes. And it's the most efficient place to lose weight...
  18. frey

    17 inch Homegrown for 5'11" person?

    I'm 6' - 6'1 again depending on who measures me and I ride a 17" Trek 8000. Like you I was mainly after the 19" version but got a great deal on a 17" so I bought it. i've never looked back, love the size, it's so much more flexible. I ran it for a couple of years with a lot of seatpost so I...
  19. frey

    Help! Physics Question...

    Errm one physicist here, and sad though it is I couldn't resist replying :) In theory I don't think you'd save any energy at all, that is if you disregard friction and assume that you're not accelerating or going uphill (I am a physicist remember, we don't do real world!). You have to remember...
  20. frey

    What fork to replace a Girvin Vector 2?

    I'd recommend the Rock Shox Duke range. They're all air sprung, so they're adjustable for your weight and needs. They also use the legs from their freeride fork the Psylo so they track very well. Good value too. If you need something cheaper, then look at a Rock Shox Pilot, they've been recevied...