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  1. lbraasch


    If you're trying to save some cash, go for the open sports. They're the exact same as the pro's except the spoke eyelets aren't finished and rounded over. Assuming you'll be using a quality cloth rim strip, it's not really worth twice the price.
  2. lbraasch

    Anybody out there still riding a triple?

    Camilo- my limited knowledge of the sport and needs of others is based off selling bikes to people, and having them not come back complaining that I sold them a road bike ill equipped to fulfill their needs. The uneducated conclusion I have drawn about compact cracks paired with a 12-27 comes...
  3. lbraasch

    Anybody out there still riding a triple?

    1 really good gear is all you need. My commuter is a fixie. When my commute was all flats, it was 40/14, and now with a large hill in my way, I re-geared to 40/16, and am doing fine. I regularly pass up geared bicyclist attempting to spin their heart away up the incline. For the record, my...
  4. lbraasch

    looking for new wheels

    Don't really know where you're going to find some EA-90's for less than $600usd. I've always seem them ~$700+ for the set, whether it be the sl's, slx's or Aero's. I really only know about the Eastons, so I'll shed some light for you. Eastons use their own spokes similar to mavic. If you...
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    Inner Tube Sizes

    as someone who works at a bike shop, i'll tell you, your system will never work. People have a hard enough time identifying what size tube goes in their tire because tires are one size, and tubes can fit in a range of tire sizes. You'd be amazed how many times I'm asked "My tire sidewall says...
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    Tight tire fit

    The shop I work at has a cheater tool for getting that last lip of tire over the rim. It braces on the far side rim edge, and lifts the tire bead over the near side rim edge. By far my favorite tool in the entire shop. I think it can be ordered from qbp or j&b. Your LBS should be able to get it.
  7. lbraasch

    Question about clipping out

    topper as well. How are you guys bracing your weight with the foot unclipped at the bottom of the stroke? Are you seated, unclip, then rotate the cranks 180 degrees, stand up, and put your foot down? I usually stand up before coming to a stop, unclip at the top of the stroke, and step down to...
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    I want to convert to SS.

    You can attempt to file your drop outs in order to create some sort of chain tensioner. You can also buy an eccentric hub. They're costly, but do the trick quite nicely. Had a guy come into the shop with one. Super easy to set the chain tension, and it opens up a world of singlespeed/fixed...
  9. lbraasch

    Patching tubes

    I never patch tubes. However, I work at a bike shop, and tubes cost me around a dollar a piece. I have one pack of patches in the saddle bag, but that's incase I get two flats in one ride. Although, ever since I installed the gatorskins, I haven't had a flat.
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    Easton Wheels

    Although there is a shop mechanic who would build up a set of wheels for us for a case of beer, the deal I can get on these Eastons completely destroys the competition in terms of pricing. I couldn't build up an equal pair of wheels w/o spending more, even though I wouldn't be paying for labor...
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    Easton Wheels

    I have an opportunity to pick up some Easton wheels. Price is not really an issue, as I'm getting employee pricing, and thus, no matter what, the dent isn't that bad for my wallet. I want a wheelset that I can train on. My main confusion is in the EA-90 line. there is the EA-90 SLX which on...
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    What's your favorite Bike Light for night riding?

    NightRider has a new light called the TriNewt. It's replacing their HID system. Although HID is great, LED's last longer (bulb life), use less power, and can handle larger spills. For something in the ~$150 range, can't go wrong with the MiNewt. HID's are old technology compared to high...
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    Chain drops and hits chainstay when backpedalling

    h although it's true that he shouldn't be back pedaling to begin with, there is no real reason why he shouldn't be able to. If it is that he has a super gunkified chain, then he needs to clean it before he gets chain suck which pulls his derailer into the spokes.
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    does frame size make a big difference?

    frame size matters for comfort. If you feel streched out, the top tube is too long, and go down a size in frames, and just increase seat height. You can also alter reach via stem adjustment, but that should be for fine tuning. Usually when sizing someone for a frame, i take the height as the...
  15. lbraasch

    Chain drops and hits chainstay when backpedalling

    when is the last time you cleaned and lubed your chain? Assuming you're not cross chaining, and the chain still sticks when back pedaling, or rather, sticks to pullies, then the chain probably is full of gunk, or you've got a stiff link somewhere. Inspect your drive train. Clean the whole...
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    Dura Ace

    Go with the SRAM Rival compact crankset instead of the Shimano. It's lighter than the Shimano one, between Ultegra and Dura in terms of weight. Almost every compact crank we sell is the SRAM Rival. Otherwise, you could go with the FSA carbon ones, but I believe they're around $400.
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    road shifters

    There was a thread either on this page, or one page back discussing the differences between the shimano line, and whether or not it's worth the upgrade. Long thread, some flaming to sift though, but a good read for your cause. As for what the SRAM Rival shifters are like, they're pretty cool...
  18. lbraasch

    What kind of frame material is this?

    not quite. It's stronger than aluminum, and is also lighter, however I believe it's supposed to have ride characteristics of aluminum. Fairly popular material for Lacrosse shafts.
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    Campag Record compact

    Good to know. I do not know much about campy specifics, just figured from a mechanical standpoint that it'd function very similarly to shimano/sram.
  20. lbraasch

    105 vs ultegra vs dura-ace

    I know that post wasn't directed at me, but the bickering is getting annoying. That's great that you can copy stuff from a math book. However, very few will actually care to read it. Some people understand math, others don't. Those who understand it, probably don't care, and those who don't see...