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  1. Thorman

    Comparing Jan TSS

    CTL Jan 1-63 CTL Jan 31-84 TSS-3583 kJ-43393 Miles-902 mi Duration-52.4 hrs Outside on the weekends and on the trainer during the week.
  2. Thorman

    Multiple power lines?

    You could setup a mean maximal power curve chart and use the custom date option and put in the date for each ride. This would allow you to compare average power for two rides.
  3. Thorman

    Intensity factor for a TT

    If you're like most people you probably produce less power in your TT position. My FTP is ~10% lower in my TT position. I setup a second athlete in Cycling Peaks for my TT FTP so that I get the correct values for IF and TSS.
  4. Thorman

    Annual TSS?

    For calendar year 2006 here are my totals: TSS 24958 426 hours 7741 miles ATL max 121 CTL max 80 I'm a cat 3 who's competitive in TT's and occasionally competitive in road races. This year I did ~20 road races, 5 TT's, and 10 CX races.
  5. Thorman

    PM modeling tool

    Go for it!
  6. Thorman

    PM modeling tool

    Here's a two part article I put together illustrating how I've developed my training plan model for next year. Perhaps you'll find this of some use if you're doing the same. part 1 part 2
  7. Thorman

    Sustainable Weekly TSS Total

    Here's a simple Excel file I've used in the past to monitor rolling totals. It would be nice if in a future version of CPS they'd add this feature.
  8. Thorman

    Sustainable Weekly TSS Total

    What I do is monitor my rolling totals and when I hit the numbers I rest a day or two. I mostly watch the 28 day total. My typical week is ~600.
  9. Thorman

    Sustainable Weekly TSS Total

    I never thought of myself as a cyborg, but according to your poll that's where I fall. I monitor rolling 7 and 28 day TSS totals. I've set my breaking point at 950 for 7d and 3000 for 28d.
  10. Thorman

    PM modeling tool

    I developed these based on two season's worth of data, particularly weeks where I go to AZ in the winter and do 20+ hours of training in a single week. Each of these two years I've inched my numbers up slightly and have been able to bounce back with 3 days of recovery. I've pushed the numbers...
  11. Thorman

    PM modeling tool

    Here's a PM modeling tool I put together based on a spreadsheet I found here a few months ago. The only change I made to the original calculation was to show TSB based on the previous day's TSS. After doing this and pasting in data from CPS the PM chart it created was dead on what CPS had so...
  12. Thorman

    an idea

    I've thought about this and having experience developing web sites I know it's possible. I think all that is keeping someone from doing it is the minimal return on investment since there are not many racers out there that use power and even fewer who would pay for such a service...
  13. Thorman

    Let the beatings begin!

    It is strange that they haven't done any formal comparitive analysis yet. How hard can it be? Find a handful of riders put the stuff on their bikes and get it done! I think such a study could be completed in a matter of weeks.
  14. Thorman

    Initial PowerTap settings

    Keep in mind just because you see zero watts while coasting doesn't necessarily mean your torque is zero. The only way to actually ensure this is to switch over to torque mode and see zero torque while coasting. Your owner's manual will tell you how to do this.
  15. Thorman

    sold my power tap for a disk wheel

    I and several other people I race with have been using the CH Aero cover for a few years and have never had a problem with screws coming loose. There's data available to show the differences between a disk and cover.
  16. Thorman

    Tour d'Toona men's CAT 2 power files

    What gearing did you use?
  17. Thorman

    Watts per kilogram book

    Is this the same book you're referring to? It's free here...
  18. Thorman

    Where to buy PT cpu?

    I am referring to just the cpu. I've got a couple of PT's and wanted to have a backup cpu. I'm in the US. The only place I've found online is
  19. Thorman

    Where to buy PT cpu?

    I'm looking to get a backup cpu for my PT Pro. Any suggestions on where to find one?
  20. Thorman

    Would like to get some expert opinions

    As you're finding out when you ask a question here you'll get serveral different answers. For the last 4 seasons I used the Friel methodology and saw significant improvements in my peformance progressing from cat 5 to 3 and even winning a few races along the way. This year after spending a lot...