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  1. Andrew Pancroft

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    FIXIE!!!!!! It's not pink, it's light red!!! ;)
  2. Andrew Pancroft

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    My trainer...
  3. Andrew Pancroft

    Proper fit makes all the difference

    Living in Colorado, a typical ride around the neighborhood can mean 600 feet of ascent - 15 miles out of my area get straight to 1900 ft of ascent. So, a month back, toward the back end of a 144 mile ride that included a little over 11k feet of ascent, I started developing a little lower back...
  4. Andrew Pancroft

    Fixed Gear Long Distance

    I ride my fixie all over Denver. Gets kinda tough on some hills - I ride 46/13. Couple weeks back, I was climbing Lookout Mtn on my road bike - 4 -9% grades - and a fellow shot right past me going up on a fixie. WHen I got to the top, he was there...riding 46/15!! Animal!!!
  5. Andrew Pancroft

    Question on flipping my head stem

    When I bought my S WOrks bike, one of the things I appreciated when having it fit is that Specialized offers stems that can adjust out in almost one degree increments. So, the whole having to either go 6 degrees negative or flip to 6 degrees positive is a little more adjustable - stem flipped up...
  6. Andrew Pancroft

    Frame Mounted Air pumps?

    I've used the small ones mounted to the cage but, just always find myself going to the co2. So, just took it off!!!
  7. Andrew Pancroft

    Possible Wheel Upgrade - wanting opinions/experience

    I love my Ksyrium SL wheels!! They have been bullet proof for training!! Have even done the occasional crit on them and they have held up awesome!!!
  8. Andrew Pancroft

    which size stem for my bike?

    I would suggest going straight to your local shop for a fitting. I recently found myself on a Felt F1 - love the bike but, it's a torture rack!! And, after about 40 miles, my lower back was in terrible pain. Went from a 120 to a 110 stem and, pain gone, go figure!!???
  9. Andrew Pancroft

    Think I'm a fred

    Thanks, I'm LOVING this bike!!! This thing is crazy fast and responsive!!!! Set me back a few bills but, well worth the expense!!!
  10. Andrew Pancroft

    Think I'm a fred

    Okay. So, after looking and giving thought I got down to a Roubouix or the Tarmac. What did I end up with???? Felt F1 - AWESOME bike!!!!! Thanks again guys for all the input!!!!! Andrew
  11. Andrew Pancroft

    Think I'm a fred

    Thanks guys!!!! Gonna be out this weekend in search of the bike. I'll keep you posted!!!
  12. Andrew Pancroft

    Think I'm a fred

    Yeah, the Specialized is the bike for me! The Tesch geometry was 75/77 - wouldn't ride it if I still had it!!! The Spec looks very cool and, in addition to RH's suggestion, it seems to get pretty good reviews. Thanks and I'll keep everyone posted!! Andrew
  13. Andrew Pancroft

    Think I'm a fred

    Roadhouse, Thanks for the suggestion and the link!!! Gonna do the Comp Triple!!!!!
  14. Andrew Pancroft

    Think I'm a fred

    Yeah, one thing I've recently learned is that size has changed with the change of geometry, etc. of newer designed bikes. And, the old Campy C-Record Delta Gruppo isn't the top shelf these days!! Lots to learn!!
  15. Andrew Pancroft

    Think I'm a fred

    25 years ago on So Cal I was getting around Orange County on a wild, multi-colored Tesch R 101. Now, on my late 40's I live in the Colorado altitude and want to pick up a decent road bike. 25 years and a mile higher and have no real idea what to puchase these days. Any suggestions on what a...
  16. Andrew Pancroft

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    My name is Andrew. I presently live in Denver Colorado, transplanted from southern California. Been out of the cycling world for a while and am looking to pick it up again - this time as a means to get fit vs a competitive vehicle (no pun intended)