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  1. m0nday

    Your Ride!

    It's a Minoura DS-30.
  2. m0nday

    2005 Giant TCR 2

    well i wish you and your family, especially your son the best of luck and even greater success this coming year. don't forget to post some pics! again, happy holidays!
  3. m0nday

    2005 Giant TCR 2

    i agree, the tcr 2 is a solid frame with equally solid components. some say though that the wheelset is relatively heavy and flexy during hard cornering, but otherwise perfect for training. your son might want to swap them for lighter but stiffer ones during races. that would also probably be...
  4. m0nday

    2005 Giant TCR 2

    you'd best be standing behind your son when he first sees that bike, just in case he faints. :) what an awesome gift! my wife also bought me an '04 tcr 2 composite as a Christmas gift, but we got it last month and I've been riding it since. it does ride like a dream and i hope your son gets a...