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  1. kleng

    Removing sun cream stains from lycra jersey

    napisan oxy intelligence, follow the garment instructions (usually warm water not hot) and soak overnight. It might fix it.
  2. kleng

    Spotty carbon stays

    Could be moisture under the clear coat, if you depress the areas do you see the patch changing shape like a bubble flattening out. (it's difficult to describe). Or it could be just overspray or dust trapped under the clear coat during the painting process.
  3. kleng

    Waterproof and packs über small

    It fits in the jersey pocket. I could get it a lot smaller with some care in packing. for comparsion the jersey is a medium
  4. kleng

    Waterproof and packs über small

    NZO Visty is a good waterproof jacket, with venting side panels and folds into itself
  5. kleng

    Help me spend my money.

    If your looking for value, I'd consider the Met Estro
  6. kleng

    Keeping Warm

    tights with bibshorts on top and sealskinz socks
  7. kleng

    How many lumens is enough?

    I'm using a Hope vision 4 led on the road, the high beam is 960 lumens but this is overkill unless there are no street lights.Usually on half power for double the duration. Cygolite dual cross (modded cree 5) on left and Hope on right
  8. kleng

    Sidi Shoe sales location in Melbourne

    Find anything useful in your trip to the big smoke
  9. kleng

    Sidi Shoe sales location in Melbourne

    If your worried about fitting, you should consider the Shimano SHR-300 or the SHR-220 and SHR-160G, all can be thermo moulded in Melbourne, these would fit better than the Sidi's as the upper will be moulded to your foot...
  10. kleng

    Cleaner for sunglasses?

    Cat **** Anti Fog
  11. kleng

    Sidi Shoe sales location in Melbourne

    Have a look at this list. Then ring to see if they have the size and model as fit could be different between models.
  12. kleng

    Bike trainer and carbon bike

    I'm always intrigued by the amount of BB flex when I use my TCR Advanced Team on the home trainer. I'm not sure riding on rollers or on the road would impart that much BB flex into the frame, I've moved to using rollers.
  13. kleng

    My bike has many problems..

    Have a look at the website under the "how to's" section, there are a heap of tutorials in there.
  14. kleng

    Which Tubular tires

    continental competition with vectran and black chilli, sounds like something you would order at a restaurant. The vectran provides the puncture resistance while the black chilli improves rolling resistance and grip.
  15. kleng

    advice on winter cycling clothing

    Descente shelter tights have a windproof layer built into them.
  16. kleng

    Zipp 303`s or Zipp 404`s

    +1 I use my reynolds mv 32t wheelset all the time
  17. kleng

    just Replaced chain - jumping....chain too long or short?

    Also have you threaded the chain into the rear derailleur correctly, it is quite easy to miss the small guide on the top pulley and have the chain on the outside of it.
  18. kleng

    just Replaced chain - jumping....chain too long or short?

    could be a stiff link or if your using the connex connector you might have it installed upside down. To match my old chain length I just lay it out on the floor and measure the new one next to it, easier than counting links.
  19. kleng

    Chain replacement - Dura Ace

    Have a look at Park Tool
  20. kleng

    Semi integrated 1 1/8 Headset...HELP ! ! !

    You need to have a look at where the fork enters the head tube, can you see something like a lip or strip between them, this could be the lip similiar to the to the lip on the bottom cup of the Ritchey press fit.(refer photos of the press fit headset)...