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  1. subwoofer

    Long-term cycling hand will not look good ?

    Not sure if your question is where to buy gloves, or what gloves to buy? Do you have a bike shop near you? The best thing you can do is to try some on to see how they fit as this is the most important factor. I have Altura's Ergofit Windproof gloves (the 2012 version) which are the best...
  2. subwoofer

    The world's smallest bike

    On the London underground you are mostly not allowed to take a non-folding bicycle on the train with you. Do you think they would make an exception for this? :-)
  3. subwoofer


    I'm confused by the thread title as it seems it should be 'why are some pedestrians so stupid'. Weren't you the only cyclist in your story? On MUPs, the pedestrian, as the more vulnerable party, then has an expectation that the faster more mobile mode of transport will move around them. One...
  4. subwoofer

    Do you count the gear when you ride?

    As most others here, I check by looking down if I need to. Mostly I ride by feel and pretty much know which gear I'm in by feel and awareness of the slope I'm riding on. I'm very proactive and early on my gear changing when I'll need to be changing down, always being in gear early. For...
  5. subwoofer

    New to suspension forks - to oil stanchions or not to oil?

    Interesting :-) two answers with opposite viewpoints Hmmmmmm. I have had one other suggestion and that is that the forks I have are 'disposable' and not worth worrying about. I disagree. Even disposable items can be maintained and made to last much much longer.
  6. subwoofer

    New to suspension forks - to oil stanchions or not to oil?

    ...that is the question. I have tried searching for the information I am after, but might not know the correct terms, so please excuse me if this is a common question. After owning my last bike 20 years, the old faithful fully rigid bike is being given semi-retirement and I now have a...