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  1. rsbeach

    Bike Trails

    Check out the touring section of this site - it has some nice routes in that area with lots of info. Welcome to BikeToledo!
  2. rsbeach

    dogs that chase us

    I've been "chased" by lots of dogs, but I've never felt threatened by any of them. Most dogs don't recognize a bicycle as being half-person - they see it as some other form of animal. When they hear a human voice, they usually back off or at least stop being so threatening. You can whistle and...
  3. rsbeach

    just joined

    Here's a good site if you're just getting started - lots of information beyond just getting a bike, too. hyyp://
  4. rsbeach

    Sandwiches While Riding?

    Here's a good site if you want ideas on recreational riding or even touring: Welcome to BikeToledo!
  5. rsbeach

    New to CF, just saying Hi

    Here's a good site if you're fairly new and want thoughts on other kinds of biking besides road riding. Welcome to BikeToledo!
  6. rsbeach

    comfort or hybrid

    Check out this site for some good information if you're just getting into riding: